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  • Think your PC and your cell phone don't mix? Think again. MOBILedit, a Windows application (free demo), bridges the gap between the two devices, allowing you to manage your phone and its contents from the big screen of your desktop.

    Liane Cassavoy, Jan 24, 2013 for PC World Magazine

  • The developers from COMPELSON Labs have very unique approach to the issue of connecting and synchronizing your phone with your PC.

    by PhoneArena Team,, Cell Phone Reviews: MOBILedit! - controlling your phone from your PC

  • If you are not able to connect your htc phone with htc sync then we can use another pc suite called MOBILedit.

    By Ijasul Rahim, October 21, 2012

  • MOBILedit is one of the Best Android PC Suite of all times. It is exceptionally available for not just android but all smart phones. MOBILedit also enables the Android users to save their music, photos, contacts, SMS messages in a matter of just single click.

    by Zain Ali, on February 19, 2012 10 Best PC Suite For Android Smartphones,

  • MOBILedit! is one of the best Android PC Suite for your Smartphone as well as Tablets. It is having support for almost every Android Device.

    By Saurabh Saha, Download 2013 Top 5 Best Android PC Suite for Windows / Linux / Mac,

What's New

Phone Copier App Version 3.5 for Android Released!

5 May 2016

New Phone Copier App for Android Released! Completely new Message Archive function allows you to import many messages from different phones into one place, and much more.

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MOBILedit Forensic Express 3.1 has been released

2 May 2016

New update of MOBILedit Forensic Express with increased deleted data recovery and a wider range of new apps supported and much more.

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New Phone Copier 2.2 Released

18 Apr 2016

Next generation of Phone Copier is here. Version 2.2 just got strong data encryption and many other improvements.
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New MOBILedit 8.5

18 Mar 2016

MOBILedit! 8.5 released! Now better manage your phone from your PC with the help of smoother multimedia managing, better connectivity and support of iOS and Android, and much more.
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Phone Forensics Express 3.0 has been released

4 Mar 2016

This big step forward in mobile phone data extraction brings with it powerful new features, like filtering, video thumbnails storyboards, and a connection wizard, that will help investigators discover and understand more evidence than ever before.

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We will unveil the new Phone Forensics Express version 3.0 in Singapore!

16 Feb 2016

Come see what is new in our latest version of Phone Forensics Express being released at The Annual CIFI Security Summit. This product is a top priority for our team, so we are working intensively to bring you many new features, new data, better reports and other improvements.

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