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Phone forensic trainings

Phone forensic trainings directly from pioneers of the field


MOBILedit training

Using forensic products for investigations comes with a huge responsibility - it is important to use them properly. MOBILedit Forensic Express is designed to be maximally intuitive and easy to use, but this is not enough for law enforcement. That’s why we offer training and certification of the product.


Free training material

As a first step, it is important to study in detail the online User guide. For those who prefer to visualize working with the software, we provide free training videos with a complete walk-through, which is available online at following links:

Play full training videos in English

Play training on how to connect phones in Spanish

Play training on how to connect phones in Portuguese


Online training with certification

For those interested in official certification, we make it available to you in a time-efficient and cost-effective way. You can learn online, discuss key questions with our lecturer during the consultation session and finish the certification process by taking and passing the exam. It is as easy as these 3 steps:

1. Please learn from the above material first - the user guide and online training videos

2. Reserve your spot in a consultation session with our expert, we will answer your important questions and advise you how to prepare for the exam

3. Complete our two-part certification exam (written and spoken)

For online training and exam a microphone and web camera is required with a valid passport or id with photo.


Training in our training centre

This is a training at our premises in Prague with a comprehensive overview of how the MOBILedit Forensic Express works, as well as guided instruction on usage of every function and feature. Training is designed to give the user knowledge of our approach to mobile device forensics, working with phone and cloud security, and the practical knowledge needed for maximum data recovery. Training involves putting theory into live-practice with Forensic Express, so the user will be able to confidently investigate any supported phone or data source using Forensic Express with expertise.

Training includes the basics of getting started, as well as best practices for advanced investigation techniques using both the logical and physical data acquisition methods. Learn how to connect phones properly and navigate the user-interface to find crucial evidence in data and deleted data. Upon completion of training you will be able to extract, analyze and create reports of phones, tablets, backups, cloud accounts and imports from other forensic tools. From these data sources you will learn how to acquire full contents, or get specific selections with customizable filters such as app data, deleted data, messages, calls, passwords, GPS locations and cell tower information, contacts analysis, and much more. The course covers exploiting security weaknesses with phone hacks, as well as cracking encrypted iTunes and ADB backups. Training will also instruct you on how to integrate Forensics Express with the other tools in your lab though its data compatibility.


Advanced phone forensic training

We also provide advanced training for low-level analysis of mobile phones. This training includes the most advanced methods, such as JTAG, ISP and chip-off. The knowledge you will acquire is product independent, and can be combined with any next step products for analysis of an obtained physical image such as UFED, MOBILedit and others. Also with these methods you will be able to operate at the technological edge of possibilities on how to investigate phones. Trainers are top industry experts with years of experience. We provide official certification.