MOBILedit Forensic Express 5.7 Released

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MOBILedit Forensic 5.7 Released

This version enhances the malware detection in Forensic Express, supports F2FS filesystem, adds more improvements and supported applications.

Key new features

  • Improved malware detection

  • Updates screen has an updated new look

  • F2FS filesystem supported

New features and improvements

  • Download referenced files from messaging applications

  • APK verifier improved

  • iTunes analysis improved

  • Clutter-filtering eliminates displaying duplicate records and clutter in final reports

  • Webkit analyzer for most common websites

  • Hash check information added in the report

  • Log leveling process made easier

  • Application analysis improved:

    Seznam Mail


  • MOBILedit backup packer long filename and path support fixed

  • File manager when phone connected behavior fixed

  • Missing media in the timeline

  • Missing SIM card properties added in the report

New  application analyzers

  • Romeo (Android, iOS)

  • Scruff (Android, iOS)

  • AskFM (Android)

  • Twitterrific (iOS)

  • Yandex (Android, iOS)

  • Romeo (Android, iOS)

  • (Android, iOS)

  • Trust (Android)

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