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Sell to all your current customers

Don't have a phone forensic product yet?

MOBILedit is an all in one solution, covering most of your customers' needs.

Do you already sell a phone forensic product? 

MOBILedit doesn't need to compete with your current product line, because it will enhance it. Sell to everybody with Cellebrite UFED or other tools - MOBILedit is data compatible and able to get more evidence - so sell it as an extension.


Why should you become our reseller?


  • Utilize this new opportunity to increase your sales

  • We offer attractive discounts

  • Our licenses are generated online, have them instantly

  • Get free training material and videos here

  • We are a well-established company, operating since 1991

  • Various partnership options that best suit your needs

  • You can be published on our list of authorized resellers

Why MOBILedit Forensic Express?

  • MOBILedit is extremely easy to use, fast learning, fast sales, minimum support

  • MOBILedit is back, better than ever, packed with functionality

  • MOBILedit was the first phone forensic tool, it is a well known brand

  • Great in application analysis and deleted data recovery, check the database of unique apps here

  • LIVE UPDATES is a revolutionary feature delivering the most frequent updates of any forensic software on the market

  • Application analysis on demand

  • Connect and concurrently analyze as many phones as needed

  • The most user friendly and understandable reports in the industry

  • MOBILedit offers a wide range of supported phones, only UFED and XRY can compare

  • Its price is a fraction of other tools

  • And many more, see all features here

MOBILedit is quickly gaining popularity as a rising star with resellers; by partnering with us you can expand your markets and increase your sales.


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