General license policy


Activation Keys and license policy

The software installation package is downloadable from our download website.

The full version can be activated on just one computer by entering the Activation Key delivered by Compelson after purchase. If needed, Compelson can block illegal copies or keys over the internet in order to prevent unauthorized use and access to license updates.

The activation process can be completed Online, or Offline for those end-users with isolated computers.

Demo license has full functionality, but time-limited validity. The date is usually part of the activation key, for example: Username: DEMO-2018-02-17, Company: ABC Inc. 

Full license has time-unlimited validity and usually comes with 12 months of updates and upgrades, if not stated otherwise. 

Updates: After expiration of the initial updates period, in order to get new updates, a new 12 month Update Package must be purchased. It can be easily purchased by entering the old activation key in the online store. Upon purchase the old key is blacklisted and a new key will be generated. Users do not pay for missing years.


End User License Agreement

Find End User License Agreement here