Forensic Express 5.5 Released!

Forensic 5.5.png

Key new features

  • New extraction mode for Android devices through physical image dump in EDL mode
  • Cell tower GPS locations can now be resolved from our database

New features and improvements

  • Huawei backup functionality improved to work on newest backups
  • Improved handling of other processes that might interfere with phone extraction
  • APKs extracted from Android phones are now being verified to detect malicious applications
  • Legend added for easier orientation in Calls section in HTML and PDF reports
  • PDF report can now be configured to be generated in A4 or Letter format
  • Improved table of contents for deleted data section in HTML and PDF reports
  • Added German and Slovakian translation for reports


  • vCard files analysis no longer slows down report generation 
  • Missing information in Contact Accounts section of the report is now shown again

New and updated application analyzers


  • KakaoStory
  • Skype for Bussiness (Android)
  • Skype Preview (Android)
  • Skype Lite (Android)
  • Street View (Android)
  • Swarm (Android)
  • Various notes applications
  • TripAdvisor
  • Trusted Contacts (Android)


  • Default Mail app on iOS
  • Tango (Android)