New Phone Copier Express 3.0 just released!

This major release brings many new features and improvements, some of them are break-throughs in the phone content transfer industry.


What’s new in details:

Handling messages substantially improved

  • Now we can transfer text messages to iOS (as an only tool)
  • Smooth transfer of messages to Android, without need of any settings (as an only tool)
  • Transferring messages from iOS
  • Copying and wiping MMS messages
  • Improved wiping text messages

More data transferred

  • Transferring also cloud contacts
  • Transferring cloud organizer 
  • Internal and external memory handling on Android devices, now user can choose
  • Now copying large files (> 4 GB) on Android and iPhone
  • Free space reporting improved
  • Copying document files and raw photos on Android, Symbian, Windows Phone
  • Copying media to old feature phones fixed

Support for backup and restore

  • Make phone backup to disk or to flash memory
  • Loading of backup files
  • Loading of native iTunes backup 

Even better user experience

  • New pre-copy and post-copy screens provide new dimension of user control
  • Comprehensive result screen
  • Now you can save or print results
  • Connection wizard improved
  • Wi-Fi connection wizard

Other improvements

  • Android Phone Copier and iOS MOBILedit apps supported
  • Automatically detects "Apple Mobile Device Service" to avoid conflict
  • Support for phones with fixed number of contacts and messages
  • New customization possibility to set file size limit
  • New customization possibility to disable serial ports
  • Many other user experience, speed and stability improvements