New Phone Copier 2.2 Released

Next generation of Phone Copier is here. Version 2.2 just got strong data encryption and many other improvements.

New features, improvements, and data privacy

  • User's privacy is now completely protected by using very strong encryption of temporary data, no data can be viewed or retrieved by anybody even administrator
  • New Connection wizard will help users to easily connect phones
  • Improved copying of contacts, cloud-synchronized contacts detection and skipping
  • Copying of contacts to Windows Phone
  • SIM card reader supported for reading contacts
  • Organizer data support vastly improved - calendar events, tasks, notes - both within and between platforms (where supported)
  • Improved copying of files for all platforms, including to and from feature phones and the Windows Phone
  • Better copying of media files to and from iPhone
  • Data transfer via iTunes Backup and Restore is always done in password-protected mode
  • User Interface is optimized for hi-resolution displays such as Surface Pro 4 and also for smaller screens, such as kiosks
  • Faster copying and improved time estimations
  • Displays available storage in phone
  • Memory and performance optimizations to run well even on entry-level computers
  • Turkish language localization
  • Support for iOS version 9.3 and Android 6.0
  • Many other improvements and bugfixes

Customization options for kiosks

  • Daily usage reports in CSV, without any phone data
  • Data privacy option to completely turn off diagnostic logging
  • Custom location for iTunes Backup and Restore temporary folder and media copy folder
  • Virtual keyboard for touch kiosks can be turned on or off
  • UI localization with the possibility to switch UI language while the program is running