Individual USB phone drivers


Individual USB phone drivers

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USB phone drivers download

If your device is really new, it might not have driver included in this pack, in that case you will need to download driver from manufacturer website.


Complete Driver Pack

Version   |   Size 169 MB   |   DOWNLOAD

Install this pack if you plan to connect phones from different manufacturers. If you plan to connect only one phone you can search for your specific driver in the list. If your device is newly released on the market, the driver may not yet be included in this pack; in this case you can download the driver from the manufacturer website. Drivers from manufacturers that are not on the individual drivers list are not included in this pack.


Android general phone driver from Google


Version | Size 9.3 MB

Google universal phone driver suitable for most Android phones.


Acer Android phone drivers


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 4.3 MB


Alcatel Android phone drivers


Version Date 13 Oct 2014 | Size 12.3 MB


Asus Device Driver Pack


Version | Date 26 Aug 2014 | Size 9 MB

Android OS powered phone devices from ASUS


BlackBerry mobile phone drivers


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 3.8 MB

BlackBerry mobile phone drivers for devices running Blackberry OS 4-7.


CAT mobile phone drivers


Version | Date 26 Aug 2014 | Size 4.2 MB

CAT B10 & B25 mobile phone drivers


Emgeton Flexaret Mini


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 0.9 MB

Emgeton Flexaret Mini driver


HTC Android phone drivers


Version | Date 12 Nov 2014 | Size 2.1 MB

HTC mobile phone drivers (Android smartphones only)


Huawei phone drivers


Version | Date 30 Mar 2016 | Size 18.5 MB

Huawei Ideos phone and tablet drivers


Intel driver pack


Version | Date 20 Jun 2016 | Size 9.2 MB

Driver for android devices based on Intel platform.


JCB mobile phone drivers (non Android phones only)


Version Date 27 Aug 2014 | Size 0.9 MB

JCB rugged mobile phone drivers (non Android phones only)


LG Electronics mobile phone drivers


Version Date 26 Jan 2016 Size 8.1 MB

LG Electronics mobile phone drivers (except windows mobile devices)


MediaTek chipset based phone drivers


Version Date 26 Aug 2014 Size 11.9 MB

Driver for MediaTek chipset based legacy phones (most brands comming from china, for example Emgeton,Evolve, MyPhone, ZTE), this driver doesn't work with mediatek chip based android devices.


Motorola mobile phone drivers


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 Size 8.3 MB

Motorola mobile phone drivers (doesn't include windows based device support))


Nokia mobile phone drivers


Version Date 26 Aug 2014 | Size 4.3 MB

Nokia mobile phone drivers


Pantech/Sky mobile phones distributed by Verizon


Version | Date 10 Dec | 2013 Size 15.4 MB

Pantech/Sky mobile phones distributed by Verizon (Android phones only)


Samsung mobile phone drivers


Version | Date 18 Dec 2013 | Size 13 MB

Samsung mobile phones and tablet drivers (doesn't include windows based device support)


Sk-Telesys android smartphone drivers


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 5.5 MB

Sk-Telesys android smartphone drivers


Sony android phone drivers


Version | Date 6 Oct 2015 Size 17.4 MB

Sony android phone drivers


Sony Ericsson mobile phone drivers


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 15.2 MB

Sony Ericsson mobile phone drivers (doesn't include windows based device support))


Vodafone 845 mobile phone driver


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 4.2 MB

Vodafone 845 mobile phone driver


Windows Phone 7 WinUSB


Version Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 5.4 MB

Driver for devices running Windows Phone 7 OS - only for devices with microsoft assigned VID&PID, for expert users only (requires WP7 communication plugin) This driver conflicts with Zune software, please uninstall Zune prior installation of this driver.


ZTE mobile phone driver


Version | Date 10 Dec 2013 | Size 4.1 MB

ZTE Blade and Racer android mobile device drivers


External Sources

Apple iTunes (external link)

Apple iTunes (external link)

For propper function with Apple devices (iPhone and iPad), you need to download and install iTunes software from Apple.


Windows Mobile (external link)

Windows Mobile (external link)

Date 2 Sep 2013

For propper function with Windows Mobile devices (any brand), you need to download and install Active Sync (Windows XP users) or Mobile Device Center (Vista and above users).
MDC 32-bit
MDC 64-bit


Cable Kit Manual (for Kits delivered until 1/2017)

Date 28 Nov 2013     Size 320 kB   |   DOWNLOAD

User manual for Cable set drivers.