Tool box

Need to do just a little bit of maintenance? Find the exact optimization tool you need to solve your problem here in the Toolbox. Every tool in the optimization process can be accessed here along with a few extras like:

Merge Accounts
No need to have your contacts spread around. Keep all contacts in your favorite contact account. Select an account to merge with another. This will combine select contacts into one list on one account. This way you can optimize and remove duplicates from a complete list of all your contacts.

Mass Move Selected Contacts
A powerful function for moving contacts between accounts. You can combine your contacts from Phone Memory to Google or cloud to have them all synchronized and then find and delete all duplicates.

Mass Delete
Need to shorten up those lists that have grown to large? Simply tap to select and delete large amounts of contacts easily without having to click through tedious sub-menus and confirmations.

Search And Replace
Finds all occurrences of specific text or data in contact field entries. Quickly make mass changes in contact names, country codes, notes, emails and all other fields.

Manual Merge

Use this tool to merge any two contacts together, even if they are not related- allowing you to create complete and custom contact entries.