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Smart Contacts Optimizer

Your contacts are probably the most important data in your phone, right? This application will deeply analyze your phonebook and bring it close to perfection. The built in intelligence will surprise you, so download it and see for yourself. We believe this application is essential and should be included with every phone.

  • Very happy This app saved me a lot of time by fixing all my contacts issues . It would have been a very long and cumbersome painful task to do this manually.


    Rupert Symss, January 5, 2014

  • Awesome! This is hands down the best phone contact optimizing app. I love how easy it is to operate and how quick and efficient it is.


    Alan Siegfried, January 7, 2014

  • Fantastic. It offers complete contact management tools like no other app.


    Bojan Ercevic, January 6, 2014

  • Great Pretty sweet app. I hate the feeling of clutter in my contacts and this made cleaning it up a no brainer.


    Jeff Hall, December 31, 2013

A step-by-step process which creates a perfect set of contacts. Optimizer will remove your duplicates, locate similar contacts, correctly format all phone numbers, merge contact fragments into one rich contact as well as 8 more intelligent steps that will bring your contacts close to perfection.

  • Remove all obvious duplicates and even locate similar contacts
  • You now have direct access to each individual optimization function
  • Accounts Merge - a powerful function for moving contacts between accounts. You can move all contacts from your Phone Memory to Google to have them all synchronized and then find and delete all duplicates.
  • The ability to mass delete contacts you no longer need
  • Correct and nicely format phone numbers
  • Locate potentially incorrect contacts which cannot be dialed
  • Find all incomplete contacts that have an important contact field empty
  • Clean contacts removing empty fields
  • Add international prefixes and country codes when needed
  • Merge contact fragments into one rich contact
  • Locate contacts in your messages and calls that have not yet been saved
  • Edit, delete, select all or unselect all contacts at any time, just tap and hold the contact

Want to try contacts optimizer but don’t have an Android? You can download MOBILedit to your PC and connect your phone via cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Then you will be able to optimize your contacts with the integrated Contacts Optimizer feature. Download the PC version now.