Resellers: How To Order Online

1) Create a Compelson Reseller e-commerce account

Register as a reseller with Compelson. This will enable you to quickly and easily place online orders for your customers for products by Compelson. As a reseller, you can log in to the e-commerce portal without having to re-enter your personal information for every order, and conveniently choose from the product list to complete your orders. In addition, you will have special discounts based on your partnership level.

2) Get your Reseller ID

After registration is complete you will be welcomed with your Reseller ID via email which will be used as your Login ID. It is advised to save your Reseller ID for future use; if lost, you will be able to find this ID in your welcome e-mail.

registration complete.png

3) Set the discount level according to your partnership level

The default discount level is “Basic”. If your partnership level is “Authorized” or “Certified”, please contact us through this contact form or contact your Account Manager with your Reseller ID to set the discount level according to your partnership level. You can find all the details about partnership levels at the Resellers Center.

4) Login to the e-commerce portal

You can find the login link to the Reseller e-commerce portal either through this link or you can find the button directly at the Resellers Center. Use the Reseller ID you have received during registration with your password. Feel free to browse all areas of the Resellers e-commerce portal - as you may find some useful options such as ability review your invoices, set up reporting, and manage your orders.

place order.png

5) Select products to your order from the Product Catalog

After the login to the Reseller e-commerce portal, you will find multiple options of what you can do.

To place an online order:

  1. Go to Product Catalog

  2. Add products to order list

  3. Click “Order products”

After this you will see your Reseller discount and the final price. If the Reseller discount doesn’t match your partnership level, please go back to step 3).

6) Complete the order

Make sure you have all the products you intend to buy in the basket. Then proceed to fill the “License to” information, “Recipient Information” and “Billing Information”. Lastly, enter the “Payment Information”, agree with Terms and Conditions and you are ready to finish the order.

Lost password

You can request new login information at this link. This link can be also found through the button “RESELLERS STORE” at the Resellers Center.

More questions?

Contact us at and we will make sure you are all set in Resellers e-commerce portal.