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Phone unlocking service

Service is limited to law enforcement organisations only.

MOBILedit phone unlocking service

When it comes to extracting important data from the phone, the first step is to unlock the device. We understand that sometimes it is not an easy job. For some cases there is a simple process for unlocking the phone that could work. And there are cases where to extract maximum possible data it is required some advanced knowledge, the right skills and hardware work, preferably in a laboratory.

MOBILedit created a professional laboratory exactly for this cases. We equipped the LAB with the most advanced and professional tools that are on the market and together with our experts decided to offer this service to the law enforcement organisations worldwide.


How does it work?

1) You contact us and answer our additional questions. Our experts will evaluate the information provided and conduct whether it is a good idea to examine the device professionally.

2) Get the phone to our LAB. Professional shipping procedures needs to be the done which we will guide you through.

3) Receive the report, full data extraction and the device.


About our Forensic LAB

Equiped with … … … backed by top industry experts with years of experience. The LAB is located at Prague, Czech Republic.