MOBILedit is the ultimate PC suite for all phones with features including an organizer, rich phonebook functionality, smart phonebook optimizer, battery life indicator, signal indicator, memory status, SMS sending and management and much more.

Main Functions

  • Complete contacts management

  • Text messaging center

  • Phone data transfer

  • Control your phone from PC

  • Central tool for backup and restore

  • Import and export your phone data

  • Supports many different phones and brands

Connecting phones

The phone connection wizard will guide you through simple to follow instructions allowing even a novice to work with the product. It also eliminates stress by showing you which setting you need and what buttons to press to make sure your phone connects every time.  It will also show you which connection is best for your needs (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cable)


  • vCard vcf files
  • csv files
  • Outlook live connection
  • iTunes backup
  • Android ADB backup
  • MOBILedit backup
  • Clipboard paste from a list of contacts such Excel or Word
  • Import contacts and messages through Bluetooth from almost any phone

  • vCard vcf files
  • csv, xml, xls
  • MOBILedit backup file
  • Clipboard copy of contacts and messages



  • Supports contacts stored on SIM, Phone Memory and other sources (WhatsApp, Cloud, Gmail, Facebook)
  • Import vCard files
  • Robust editor of structured contacts such as phone number, email address, home address, birthday, employer, etc.
  • Contact profile pictures management
  • Printing of whole phonebook is the best backup, especially for travelers 
  • Search & Replace across all contacts 
  • Comfortable internationalization - automatically adds prefix of selected country - great feature for travelers 
  • Swap the first name for the last name with one click 
  • Drag & drop contacts between MOBILedit! and other programs like Word, Excel, etc. 
  • Import and export of contacts into various formats



  • Complete SMS management and printing 
  • Sort, read, and archive your SMS messages on your PC 
  • Compose a message from a PC keyboard 
  • Automatically stores them to Sent Items on the PC 
  • Backup or delete your old messages 
  • Handling of incoming texts through MOBILedit 
  • Automatic conversion of SMS characters into GSM compliant character set
  • Switch between different views


Efficiently read through entire uninterrupted conversation streams.  It separates entire conversations by contact and are ordered by time sequence.  Conversations include all SMS, MMS, iMessages and applications messages including encrypted-messaging apps.

Call Logs

The Calls Report provides details of all mobile service and applications-based phone calls, See the time and date of when you made or received calls, the duration of the call and the contact and phone number associated with each call.

Manage your applications regardless of platform. MOBILedit has a widget-ed app viewer which makes accessing all your apps straight forward. View or make back ups of app data and delete unwanted or unused apps. Access to file sharing for iOS.


Phone Status Information

  • Picture of your phone 
  • Name of the phone - manufacturer and model 
  • Signal strength, battery status 
  • Current network operator, connection type, hardware and software revision 
  • IMEI 
  • SIM card information 
  • Remaining storage space 
  • Phone's display resolution 
  • Phone's platform/OS 


  • Create and edit ringtones 
  • Edit, resize or crop your photos with our integrated Photo Editor 
  • Convert your music into various formats


  • Switch between different calendar views
  • Create or manage existing calendar events
  • Easily manage notes and tasks

Cloud Connectivity

  • New way of copying phones to the internet cloud 
  • Access your backup from anywhere 
  • Use our mobile app to upload/download and migrate your contacts and messages using our MOBILedit Cloud 
  • Transfer your contacts wirelessly and import them to MOBILedit 

SIM Card

  • SIM card status information (IMSI, ICCID, LAI, PIN, PUK, call costs) 
  • SIM phonebook, sent-received-draft SMS, call log 
  • SIM card reader support 

Phone Data Transfer

  • Transfer contacts, messages, files from other phones with a single click 
  • Intelligent or manual mapping of fields in phonebook 
  • Wipe and backup before you copy option 
  • SIM card data transfer available 
  • Copy data also to/from Outlook, a file, MOBILedit Cloud or Google contacts (Gmail) 
  • Copy from Offline Devices or local/transferred backup file 

File System

With MOBILedit you will gain access to your File System.  It includes internal system files as well as an in-depth look at your application data.