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MOBILedit Forensic Report

Law enforcement agencies worldwide seek tools that help them to make their cases stick. Some of the most incriminating evidence used against criminals exists in their mobile phones, yet getting that evidence to stand up in court has been a battle. Defendants claim that the information had been tampered with, that the writings within had been altered by the prosecutor. But now MOBILedit is changing that with their customized version intended for those forensic agents looking to submit solid proof of the contents of the phone via reports that help them to win the case!

For more details see MOBILedit Forensic page

With just a single click, MOBILedit FORENSIC REPORT starts gathering all possible data from the mobile phone, then generates an extensive report that can be stored or printed. MOBILedit is the most universal cell phone solution supporting the largest amount of phones from different manufacturers, and now you can easily generate reports from all these phones with just a single click. You can customize the output by making changes to any text, headers or footers. MOBILedit! Forensic Reports will create exactly the type of output you demand, based upon your judicial system.

MOBILedit FORENSIC REPORT is different in that it doesn't allow any data change in the program or the phone itself. The program allows you to read data from the phone, save it to a file, or export it into any of the supported formats. The key difference is that no data can be changed, making it concrete and admissible in a court of law.

MOBILedi! FORENSIC REPORT is already deployed at numerous agencies, and due to the sensitivity of the information and respect for their privacy, we request you write to us for further information.