'Extracted all the data'

C.E. Forensic Legal Consultant


I wanted to reach out to you and follow-up.  It just so happens that I have been working on another case this week, and again your product extracted all the data I needed, while a more expensive competing product did not.


It was a Samsung SM-G955U. I tried Oxygen forensics on a Windows 10 computer and it could not even connect. I talked with their tech support and tried everything, and still it would not even recognize the phone. However, your tool immediately extracted the necessary data from the phone. The other tool could not even recognize it, much less find any data.


Then I also worked on a Galaxy Tablet SM-T377V.  Oxygen could connect, and did extract minimal data. Your tool got images, messages, contacts, etc.


'Using MOBILedit for vulnerability analysis'

Bill S., Forensic Focus Forum


I'm not he standard use case for the MOBILedit package, but it has changed the way I work. My job is to find all of the security vulnerabilities in a mobile application and report back to the developers. Using MOBILedit has reduced the time I spend collecting information from my test devices from 2 days down to about 3 hours. Then I can spend that time analyzing the app, or save the client a little money.

The new application analysis changes is GOLD, especially for apps that I am testing that make use of the Android sharing infrastructure. You'd be shocked to learn how many apps save their private keys in the local config files, and MOBILedit lets you navigate with to the file and view it in plain text, no matter the platform.

Awesome update folks! Very impressed.

'Absolutely Fantastic!'

Sloman, Forensic Focus Forum


I have been using this product for a year now and have found it to be one of the easiest mobile forensic software programs to operate especially in a triage situation. I have tested it against competitor’s software and am very pleased with the results. Very glad to see this update.

'No need for other tools.'

Det.Sgt. J. C., East Lansdowne Police


Just wanted to pass along my observations as a user of your software. I am very very happy with Forensic Express. It has become my go to tool for examining criminal suspect cell phones. Your tool is developing to the point where I rarely, if ever, have a need for other tools.”

'Superior Tool!'

L. L., Managing Director HaystackID, LLC


On a separate case, MOBILedit Forensic Express was able to recover thousands of deleted text messages from an iPhone 5S and other more expensive software did not extract any deleted text messages at all.

Your software is superior!!!!!”


'Excellent deleted data recovery capabilities'


Unallocated Clusters, Forensic Focus Forum


We use MOBILedit Forensic Express in our practice to have a tool to validate Cellebrite extraction results.

Oftentimes there will be a delta in terms of what deleted messages MOBILedit Forensic Express can carve versus what Cellebrite can carve.

Comparing the two tools' results has been very helpful in enabling us to give our clients a more thorough picture of what is actually in the evidence itself.

In instances in which the subject phone could or would not connect to our forensic workstations, MOBILedit Forensic Express saved the day by allowing for an extraction to be performed over WiFi for both Android and iPhones.


'An essential instrument in the mobile forensic toolkit'


Forensic Focus Forum


MOBILedit Forensic was our first tool in house back in 2006 and with many competitors on the market we added several mobile forensic products to our portfolio. In all honesty we moved away from MOBILedit Forensic for quite a while since the product did not meet our needs for a while, but since two years Compelson built the product almost from scratch and hit the market in a novel way: filling the gaps where the "big boys" missed out. We use MOBILedit Forensic Express now to either validate results from tools like Oxygen, MSAB and Cellebrite as well as utilising it for what it does so excellent: partial (target oriented) extractions.

The very good plug & play functionality is very useful for non-forensic operators, the support for older devices and operating systems is a big benefit and thus it is good to just have MOBILedit Forensic Express as one of your essential tools, especially considering the extremely modest pricing of it.

The generated reports are very easy to read for the non-technical/forensic persons involved in cases and the capability to read the competitor's proprietary file formats is a big pro.

Last but not least the effort taken into physical extraction capabilities makes the solution as a whole more and more interesting in the field and seriously worth considering when deciding what mobile forensic tool to deploy.