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MOBILedit Forensic Express
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Check what information can be found

 in your phone


This professional tool for investigators is now available to the public!

Now you can check what information the “other side” can find out about you in your phone. This is the only professional investigator tool available to the public. With a single-phone license you get the same power as the pros but at a price that fits a personal budget.

While this tool was originally designed for law-enforcement, it is very easy to use. Simple terms and straightforward design choices allow for a user with minimal experience to generate comprehensive and clear reports about the data residing inside their phones.

This software is used by:

  • Governments

  • Police and law enforcement

  • FBI and authorities worldwide

  • Investigators

  • Experts

  • Tested regularly by U.S. Government NIST lab


Your phone is a reflection of your life and is full of sensitive data

Phones have gone from palm computers to the center of our personal universe. We buy and sell things with our phones, send money from our bank accounts, store photos, and communicate with everyone we meet. Our phones are a mirrored path of our lives.

You will be surprised about what kind of data is stored in your phone! Browser history, email passwords (which often are used to guess other passwords), Wi-Fi network names and passwords, messages- including many of those already deleted, photos and videos including deleted GPS locations for any items such as photos, messages, data from many applications such as Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google Maps, Google Drive, Tinder, chat history from apps as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Kik, Snapchat and all forms of communication including deleted and much more data.

(*depends on the phone)

Your phone is a reflection of your life and is full of sensitive data

Protecting your kids

Millions of kids around the world are using smart phones and tablets for everything from learning, to playing games, watching movies, communicating with their friends and more. If your kids' devices are connected to the internet it means that anyone can contact them. So how do you as a parent do your best to protect your children? With this professional but simple to use phone investigation software you can know extactly what is happening with any mobile phone or tablet in your household. You might be surprised what data can be recovered. Forensic Express will help you detect and prevent online and social media abuse, so you can do your best to keep them safe.

Parental Check

The Parental Check function is designed to help parents easily supervise the use of their children's phone. To reduce a huge quantity of data it conveniently displays only the new data created since the last phone check. See photos, conversations, friends, geolocations, passwords to online services and other vital data to protect your child.


Retrieve deleted data

Deleted data is almost always the most valuable information in a device. It often hides in applications; and because this is our strongest expertise, we deliver great results in finding deleted data. Our special algorithms look deeply through databases, their invalidated pages and within caches to find any data that still resides in a phone. MOBILedit Forensic Express retrieves the deleted data and presents it clearly in a special section of the report. 

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Phone security is vulnerable

There is little information available about the vulnerability of phones. Android has very weak protection making it easy for professionals to access. Although iPhone has a high level of security, it is enough to just take your finger and place it on the Touch ID or observe you entering your passcode in a surveillance camera for someone to access your phone. There are also other advanced techniques for accessing your phone.


See what your computer stores about your phone

Most people aren't fully aware of how much information a computer stores about your phone. Especially automatically created backups, lockdown files used to bypass your passwords, and other files. Locate your iTunes backups and test their encryption with our password breakers and see what sensitive information is kept inside. 


Reports of your phone are easily understandable

These reports are designed to be read by humans. You no longer need to be an expert in mobile forensics as our easy to read reports highlight areas of interest helping you find the information you need Intuitively organized, clearly labeled, and easy navigation allows you to access the data you are looking for quickly. Once a report of your phone has been created, you'll gain a complete understanding of the information you have that is exposed. Use this knowledge to take action and protect yourself and your privacy.


Pioneers of phone forensics since 1996

This helps our leading forensic product MOBILedit Forensic Express to be constantly maintained and support the latest techniques in phone examination. It is even periodically tested by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. NIST is the American measurement standards agency subject to the Department of Commerce, inspiring innovation and competition in many industries.



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