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MOBILedit - Phone Copier  App


Popular 3-in-1 mobile application that helps you transfer your contacts and messages from other phones, backs up your content locally, and lets you manage your phone on a PC via Wi-Fi.


Great news simple After wasting time for half a day, with other apps, I found this app and imported contacts from Nokia 206 on a single touch through Bluetooth... Good job guys

★★★★★                                                  Ramachandra Raju, 22.10.2015



Transfer contacts and messages

Fill your new phone with contacts and messages from your current phone right after purchase. It doesn't matter if you have a feature phone or a new smartphone - because almost all phones on the market are supported including iPhone. You can use this app to migrate through every possible path: Bluetooth (available only for Android app or PC version), PC with USB cable, or Wi-Fi connection. With a PC connection the user can completely transfer all phone content including multimedia.



Connect to PC via Wi-Fi

Our mobile app also acts as a connector allowing your phone to communicate with your PC through our MOBILedit PC Suite. This PC suite is the most popular phone software tool on the market with millions of internet downloads. It is the most complete tool available, offering organization of contacts, messages, photos and music, installation of applications, management of tasks, notes and calendar, sending or archiving messages and much more. Download the PC version now.