Today we would like to describe whole procedure how to extract data from HTC M9 (OPJA100) by direct eMMC method and further data decoding by MOBILedit Forensic Express. You can click in the pictures to see them in full size.


  • Flash Box supporting ISP exam - The Easy JTAG
  • Microscope
  • Micro Solder, solder paste, 0.1mm copper wire
  • MOBILedit Forensic Express

What is the ISP

In-System Programming (ISP) allows communication to take place with a target chip without the need to remove it. The main advantage of this method is the possibility to communicate with a target chip eMMC or eMCP bypassing the CPU. It brings higher speed for data extraction compared with JTAG but it requires great soldering skills.

Just like JTAG, there are specific contacts that will be of interest to the examiner. But unlike JTAG, the contacts are directly off the chip BGAs and do not go through the processor.

  • DATA0
  • CMD
  • CLK
  • VCC - Supply Voltage for Core (3,3V)
  • VCCQ - Supply Voltage for I/O (1,8 - 3,3V)
  • GND


The hardware work

1. Disassembly the phone. There are many videos on the YouTube how to disassembly the HTC M9.