Forensic Express 5.0 Released!

Version 5.0 comes with a revolutionary feature - live updates of the app analyzer engine

It allows for quick response to new apps, their updates, new data structures and encryption. You can get the necessary updates of this forensic tool in days instead of weeks or months. It brings also report localizations, photo recognition and more...

Live Updates

A mobile phone is a digital mirror of a user's life, and when being investigated it is a vital source of digital evidence. It is no secret that phone forensics in today's world is mostly about getting data from apps. Billions of people around the world use apps daily for everything from messaging, to sharing, dating, cooking, traveling, business and more. It has never been more important than now for forensic professionals to be fully equipped and ready to analyze a huge number of apps at a moment's notice. But new apps are being released at an incredible rate and existing apps are being updated just as often. Last but not least - apps bring stronger encryption with every update and users love it. All these factors are working against us as forensic professionals.


Our team is responding to this situation by introducing a live updates system in the new MOBILedit Forensic Express 5.0. The new engine allows for rapid response to new apps, their updates, new data structures and encryption. It means you can get an update of the forensic solution immediately after the investigated app is updated by the developer. It also means no more waiting for weeks or months for the next update of your other forensic tools to play catch-up with app updates. We even take it a step further to meet our users' needs - if you need to analyze an app which is not yet supported, you can contact us to request support for the specific app, and as soon as it is finished you can download its analyzer through updates. We offer this feature and on-demand support coverage to every MOBILedit Forensic Express user.

There are five possible components to be updated:

  1. Live update component
  2. The engine itself
  3. App downgrade APKs
  4. Photo recognizer - machine learning module
  5. Report templates with different languages
Screenshot 2017-12-07 17.09.29.png

It works as updates come over the internet when the PC is connected, or, off-line updates are downloaded separately for those isolated PCs.

Photo Recognizer

Use artificial intelligence to find the evidence and speed up your work. This state-of-the art module is equipped with the latest machine learning technology and is designed to rapidly identify photos of what an investigator is searching for. Simply specify a folder of photos, choose items you are searching for, such as weapons, drugs, nudity, currency and documents.

Report customizations and localizations

Reports and exports are now under the user’s control. You can customize reports to your own style or translate them to your language, so you can meet the criteria defined by the law. Just edit a template table once and change the texts in all your future reports - namely PDF, HTML and Excel. We will include verified translations with the installation.

Key new features

  • Live updates - revolutionary engine lets us update application analyzers on a daily basis

  • Photo Recognizer - artificial intelligence module utilizes machine learning to automatically recognize suspicious content in photos such as drugs, nudity, weapons, currencydocuments...
  • Language customization and localization of reports, we will be happy if you send us your localizations, follow these instructions

New features and improvements

  • Updates now offer new sections - App Analysis updates, Photo Recognizer engine, APK downgrade, Report localizations
  • Updated design, new graphics and icons
  • New global settings
  • Android 8.1 supported
  • iOS 11 iCloud backups support updated 
  • Deleted data recovery from SQLite databases is now significantly faster
  • Recovered deleted data now contains less clutter
  • Extract APK files during application analysis on Android to search for malware
  • Analysis of jailbroken iPhones improved
  • Analyze Xiaomi backup files
  • Analyze ZIP files directly
  • Bluetooth connection/disconnection time for Samsung devices
  • Obtain GPS location from iOS weather app
  • Conversations section now contains application conversations in addition to SMS conversations
  • Improved stability while reconnecting Apple phones
  • Faster listing of folders in phone
  • Better separation of photos and images on iOS
  • Improved phone content browser-commander
  • Improved filtering of duplicate contacts on Android
  • Improved detection of message type on Android
  • Improved detection of calls from hidden numbers
  • New phones supported
  • Many new apps supported


  • Fixed issue that prevented successful creation of UFDR reports in rare cases
  • Fixed rare crashes while loading UFDR report
  • Fixed message attachments analysis for older iOS versions
  • Fixed message timestamps for data extracted from iOS 11

New application analyzers

  • DIC-o dictionaries (Android)
  • Notes (Android)
  • Speedtest
  • Firefox (iOS)
  • JustNote (Android)
  • Notepad++ (Android)
  • Notepad (Android)
  • Fake GPS (Android)
  • Apple Weather (iOS)
  • Google Earth (Android)
  • LetGo
  • Avast (Android)
  • AirBnb
  • Lovoo
  • TextMeUp (iOS)
  • FreeTone
  • Mediatek Notes
  • Nubia Applications
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer
  • Verizon Messaging
  • Dr.Web

Updated application analyzers

  • HtcSenseBrowser
  • WhatsApp
  • Tinder
  • Pocket
  • Twitter
  • AnyDo
  • iBooks
  • FindMyIPhone
  • Apple Maps
  • Apple Mail
  • Badoo
  • Adobe Reader
  • Evernote
  • LinkedIn
  • Steam
  • SplenDo
  • Twitch
  • Tumblr
  • Wunderlist
  • WeChat
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Gmail
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Pinterest
  • Wikipedia
  • Instagram
  • Shazam