Forensic Express 5.3 Released

Key new features

  • Screenshots and photos of the phone can now be obtained directly from our software and are displayed in a special section in reports
  • Samsung Smart Switch backup can now be analyzed

New features and improvements

  • Date and time formats in reports are now customizable
  • Better filtering of duplicate files on rooted Android devices
  • Improved analysis of messages on Android phones
  • Improved analysis of contacts on Android phones
  • Improved analysis of Mail application on jailbroken iPhones
  • Added Realm database analyzer - this allows better analysis of applications using this database format
  • Added Estonian to list of supported languages for report
  • Improved loading and saving to UFDR files
  • Improved retrieving of GPS locations from videos taken on iPhones
  • Various improvements and fixes in UI


  • Fixed rare issues when downloading iTunes backup from iCloud
  • Fixed setting of option whether to show data sources in report

New and updated application analyzers


  • Gmail Go (Android)
  • GroupMe
  • Hangouts Dialer (Android)
  • Microsoft Teams (Android)
  • MileIQ
  • Samsung Notes (Android)
  • Skype Lite (Android)
  • Skype Preview (Android)
  • Vero


  • LINE (iOS)
  • Viber (Android)