Forensic Express 5.1 Released

Key new features

  • Bypass the lock screen on many Android phones by analyzing it in recovery mode. This works with phones from Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo and others.

  • LG Hack is now working even on the most recent LG models allowing physical image extraction from phones that are switched off
  • You can now take pictures of the analyzed phone through webcam directly from the application and add them to reports
  • Parental check - new mode for parents checking their kids' mobile phones
  • Application analyses now contain list of files from which the data were extracted
  • Hashes of extracted files added to all reports

New features and improvements

  • Checking file hashes when importing MOBILedit backup now significantly faster

  • Improved WebKit analysis in applications

  • Analyzing physical image of Android phone now reveals more device properties
  • APK files can now be extracted from physical images as well
  • Improved handling of phone messages that have multiple recipients
  • Stability of application analyzers improved when analyzing corrupted data
  • Added ability to locate iTunes backups stored on the computer
  • Improved handling of two factor authentication for iCloud backups
  • iCloud backup extraction and analysis enabled in single-phone license product as well
  • Filtering the report by search terms now enables use of exact match by enclosing the query in quotation marks
  • Improved stability and performance of 'Browse phone' feature
  • Excel report now contains links to exported files
  • SIM card analysis contains more SIM information


  • Fixed issue that prevented successful creation of reports of Contact Analysis section in rare cases

  • Fixed issue that prevented pictures in Large Images section to be correctly shown in PDF report

  • Fixed issue that caused the computer to immediately restart after application installation in rare cases
  • Fixed downloading of iCloud backups that did not work properly after change in Apple server communication protocol

New and updated application analyzers


  • Tiger Text (Android)
  • Yammer
  • Zoho People


  • Discord
  • KakaoTalk (iOS)
  • Telegram (Android)
  • WeChat