Forensic Express 4.1 Released

In this version we've added Cloud Analyzer, support for iOS 11 beta, application downgrade so rooting is no longer needed for applications data analyzer, Documents Analysis feature, faster more stable analysis and more.  Be sure to update or upgrade so you can experience the full power of Forensic Express.

New features

  • Introducing new module: iCloud backup analysis
  • Application downgrade - no need for rooted phones to analyze application data
  • iOS 11 beta already supported
  • WebKit data analysis
  • Documents analysis with preview in report
  • LG hack and physical acquisition
  • MTK hack and physical acquisition
  • Huawei advanced backup analysis


  • Faster physical image analysis, less disk space required
  • Faster iTunes backup analysis, less disk space required
  • Faster ADB backup analysis, less disk space required
  • All files read much faster from Android phones
  • Improved support for import of UFD and UFDR files from UFED
  • Added text explanation for colors in report
  • Updated for new cable Connection kit
  • Reminder for updates expiration
  • Bugfixes and improvements
  • User Interface improvements
  • Faster, more stable

New and updated application analyzers

  • New Skype version supported!
  • Many analyzers updated and apps added

Dropbox Paper (iOS only)  |  Nubia Notepad (android only)  |  Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps (android only)  |  Do It Later (android only)  |  Swisscom IO  |  Secret Folder (iOS only)  |  Periscope (android only)  |  Prisma  |  MeowChat  |  Litter Penguin Web Browser  |  Puffin Web Browser  |  Next Browser  |  HipChat  |  FlashFox Browser  |  Boat Browser  |  Amazon Browser  |  Baidu Browser  |  Vaulty (android only)  |  KeepSafe (android only)  |  Hide It Pro  |  KakaoTalk (android only)