Phone Forensics Express 3.0 has been released

This big step forward in mobile phone data extraction brings with it powerful new features, like filtering, video thumbnails storyboards, and a connection wizard, that will help investigators discover and understand more evidence than ever before.


What's new:

  • Totally new possibility to define filters for what will be extracted from phones. You can filter by time, by person, by text, globally for whole phone or per specific data type
  • New video thumbnails will display whole video, short or long, as a storyboard
  • New connection wizard will guide even inexperienced user through all necessary steps to get a phone connected and extracted
  • Enhanced report configurator allows you to define exactly what type of data will be extracted from the phone and how the report will look
  • More data - get more valuable data from phones
  • More apps - many new apps added, especially messengers, making it one of the main strengths of this product
  • Better reports - even nicer reports with more information
  • Latest phones
  • Now analyzing data from other forensic tools - find information others might miss
  • Faster, more stable, with many other improvements