New Phone Forensics Express 2.7

We are pleased to announce the release of Phone Forensics Express 2.7. We have added analysis of 35 new applications, especially those used by terrorist groups.


Phone Forensics Express is extraordinary in preforming deep applications analysis, in number of supported applications and in the quality of results. We understand application data structures, so you get rich reports showing the meaning of the data.


New Android apps supported

Carousel, XMS eBuddy, Threema, Google Photos, Coco, GTasks, TextPlus, Simplenote, Go Tasks, Tasks (ch.teamtasks.tasks), SplenDo, HTC Album, HTC Android Mail, HTC Camera, HTC Launcher, HTC, Power Manager, HTC Scribble (notes), HTC Sense Browser, HTC Sense Input, HTC Sense Social Network Facebook, HTC Sense Social Network GooglePlus, HTC Sense Social Network LinkedIn, HTC Sense Social Network Twitter, HTC Service Pack, HTC Video, HTC World Clock

New iOS apps supported

Carousel, XMS - Unlimited messaging (eBuddy), Threema, Google Photos, Coco, GTasks, TextPlus, Simplenote, Go Tasks

Fixes and improvements

  • Fixed some wrongly encoded characters in filenames for compelson export
  • Improvements in many application analyzers