New Phone Forensics Express 2.6.1 has arrived

We are continuing to work hard on this product, its main strengths are: advanced applications analysis, mass data processing, wonderful reports and ease of use. Phone Forensics Express is a phone extractor, data analyzer and report generator in one solution built by MOBILedit team.


What's new in version 2.6.1

  • Telegram app analysis for Android and iOS
  • WeChat app analysis for Android
  • Updates and improvements for other applications analysis
  • Automatically displaying available version for update - useful as we are updating often...

Other great features in version 2.6

  • Analyzing many new applications and new versions
  • New report configurator: one place to configure the whole report, new look together with content
  • Improved timeline, which is now a very strong tool
  • New section showing large view of images
  • Temporary iTunes Backup password used to retrieve more information
  • List of all previously paired Bluetooth devices (Android)
  • Support for the latest iOS 9.x
  • Per-phone activations simplified
  • Many other improvements
  • Various bugfixes