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COM Components

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MOBILedit COM components




Please note, starting with version 8, COM Components consist only of the mobileditcom.exe file and 3rd party support libraries, it is recommended to completely uninstall older versions before installing version 8. 

For recent API changes see online API documentation

Requirements: Windows 7 and higher 

Key changes in 8.7
Support for iOS 10 and Android 7
Added support for Wi-Fi connection to device with latest connector installed and set into WiFi connection mode.

MOBILedit COM Components version 7





Date 26 Aug 2015 | Size 6876 kB

Last released version of COM Components 7
This version doesn't support latest phones and iOS 8.4 and newer, therefore it's highly recommended to update to version 8. This version is only provided for developers, that have not adapted their code for latest changes in COM Components.


COM Components C# Sample

Date 30 Dec 2013 | Size 768 kB

COM Components C# sample based on COMlib C# wrapper.
Archive contains sample code, COMlib binary and COMlib documentation. COMlib wrapper is not available in source code form. COMlib is beta software.


COM Components Documentation

html version

Date 5 Jan 2016 | Size 295 kB

COM components version 8 API documentation.

In case you get "navigation canceled" when browsing documentation file content, you need to unblock downloaded file first: