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MOBILedit! What's New

MOBILedit 7.8

3 Mar 2015

Here's what's new in version 7.8

  • Apple file sharing enhanced allowing upload from phone to PC and deleting files from iPhone
  • Improved clipboard feature (copy/paste) between phone and PC
  • Copy picture attachments from messages to clipboard
  • Clipboard progress bar
  • Contacts resolved in call logs from iOS
  • Support for dual SIM in UI and phone status information
  • Detect iOS for 64bit windows with option to close iTunes service

MOBILedit 7.7

19 Dec 2014

Here's what's new in version 7.7

  • New Interactive Applications View for complete app management
  • New native app backup/restore options for Android
  • New phones added like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, the new Alcatel and Samsung Galaxy class phones
  • Updated to support iOS 8 and Android Lollipop
  • Upgraded transferring of data between Android phones
  • File sharing feature for iOS

MOBILedit 7.6

29 Sep 2014

What’s new in MOBILedit 7.6

  • Now you can copy & paste between your PC and your phone. Just copy any text or picture to the Windows clipboard and then simply paste it anywhere in your phone. Of course you can also copy from the phone and paste it to the PC. Works with Android and iOS.
  • Dual SIM phones support enhanced. Now you can work with both SIM cards without changing SIM preference settings on your phone.
  • Support for MediaTek phones improved. More models are supported by integrating new communication protocols.
  • New phones added including all current CAT and JCB models
  • iOS 8 Supported. Due to new limitation, the standard messages folder appears to be empty, but you can still display all messages via iTunes backup.
  • Uploading messages to the cloud - time stamp issue fixed on iOS
  • Faster iOS data access
  • Easy iPhone activation - iPhone with MOBILedit Pro app installed will be automatically activated, as soon as MOBILedit connects and recognizes installed app in the phone. Web based registration for the iPhone license is no longer needed.
  • Automatic installation of Connector app improved on Android
  • Overall stability improved
  • Other minor issues fixed

MOBILedit 7.5.6

5 Jun 2014

Here’s what’s new in version 7.5.6

  • Working with iPhone contacts stored in the phone memory is now much faste
  • Occasional crash when working with iPhone via iTunes fixed
  • New phones added

MOBILedit 7.5.5

7 Apr 2014

Here’s what’s new in version 7.5.5

  • Send text messages using iPhone connected to a PC via Wi-Fi
  • Even better iOS 7.1 support
  • Bluetooth connection improved on most phones
  • More stable PC to phone connection with new Android Connector
  • Android Connector app information now available in MOBILedit – see what app actually connects to PC
  • Fixed occasional crash in navigation tree
  • Stability improvements

MOBILedit 7.5.4

24 Feb 2014

MOBILedit 7.5.4 Released Send a message from iPhone via Wi-Fi and more!

In Details:

  • New option to buy an additional Phone slot for your license via ShareIt. This will allow for fast and easy license expansion
  • Send Message feature now supported for iPhones connected via Wi-Fi
  • Stability while working with contacts from iPhone greatly improved
  • Acquisition of iPhone contact pictures improved
  • Faster reading of contacts from iPhone over Wi-Fi
  • Issue preventing ringtones from being saved on iPhone resolved
  • Fixes for various crashes when working with iPhone now implemented
  • UI: graphic improvements and speed-up
  • Occasional crash that occurs when the Tool button is clicked has been fixed
  • Contacts Optimizer: occasional crash when saving results now resolved
  • New descriptive header on printed reports
  • Filtering and selecting when trying to print has been improved

MOBILedit 7.5 Improvements in every corner for a smoother experience

12 Dec 2013

MOBILedit introduces an intuitive new interface for connecting a phone along with a ton of other improvements. Support has been added for hundreds of new phones including Windows Phone 8, as we continue to ensure that whatever phone you desire will be supported by just one tool.


  • Recover your iPhone from encrypted iTunes Backup
  • Backup, transfer and install iOS applications
  • Backup all data including applications and user data from your Android
  • Windows Phone 8 support for contacts and files
  • Manage your files more easily in the new filtered folders of Media and User Files
  • No more hassle with connecting a phone due to the integration of intuitive device recognition and a USB driver repair feature
  • Hundreds of new phones added including latest iPhone and Android versions

In Details:

  • Encrypted iPhone Backups supported, just enter your password and it will allow you to browse the backup or transfer it to another device
  • Full native backup and restore of iOS. Restores everything including apps to another iOS device
  • Windows Phone 8 support – read contacts via Bluetooth, manage files and write contacts via cable using the phone copier plugin
  • Improved Ringtone Editor for saving ringtones to newest versions of iOS and Android
  • Faster reading of contacts from iPhone over Wi-Fi
  • New file-system folder structure supported for Android and iOS
  • Applications – contains a list of installed apps including data
  • Media – contains photos, videos, music, recordings, ringtones, etc.
  • User Files – contains files downloaded from the internet and other files created by user
  • File-system Backup and Restore significantly improved including support for large files
  • Android Application Install and Backup improved (backs up all data using native android backup)
  • Media Mode (MTP) connection detection and resolve
  • ‘Read All’ function improved
  • Many improvements and faster browsing in Messages and File-system
  • Design of printed records improved (e.g. contacts, messages)
  • Minor activation glitches removed
  • Hundreds of new phones added

MOBILedit 7 Released

7 Jun 2013

MOBILedit changes

  • Outlook issue regarding accessing contacts from public folders fixed
  • Fixed bug to allow reading of phonebook from older Nokia phones
  • Fixed issue with reading backups from older version of MOBILedit

MOBILedit 7.1 changes

  • Screenshot to PNG image for Android OS 4.0+ phones
  • Contacts Optimizer improved
  • Search function issues fixed
  • Non-functioning Immediate Write in some circumstances fixed
  • Minor UI glitches fixed
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Original MOBILedit 7.0 changes

  • User interface deeply rewritten
    • Widget interface
    • Dynamic content in phone overview (can be disabled in program settings)
    • Well arranged and lucid environment
  • Simplified usage
    • Devicetree levels reduced
    • Need of using devicetree lowered
    • Illustrative phone overview
  • Outlook support rewritten
    • Fixed many issues
  • iPhone support improved
    • Applications backup and restore including application data
    • Local (non-cloud) Contacts synchronization unlock
    • iTunes backup browse and restore
    • Media filesystem support improved
  • Android support improved
    • Encrypted connection introduced in OS 4.2.2 supported
    • Overall connection stability improved
    • Significant file transfer speed-up
    • Overall filesystem support improved
    • Bluetooth data access
    • Wifi access improved
  • Filesystem support improved
    • MTP (media transfer protocol) file access suported
    • Backup of filesystem issues fixed
  • MMS image view improved and fixed
  • Many minor bug fixes

Update Released

22 Nov 2012

  • Added support of iPhone 5 through Wi-Fi and our new application in the App Store
  • Improved detection of contact accounts on Android phones from various manufacturers

MOBILedit 6.9 Released

4 Oct 2012

  • Support for new Apple's iOS 6
  • Fixed Bluetooth contact transfer for iOS devices.
  • New enhancements in Phonebook Optimizer
  • Ringtone editor enhancements (editing, saving a file, iOS 6 support)
  • Minor bug fixes

MOBILedit 6.6 Released

7 Aug 2012

This new version brings even more benefits to iPhone and Android fans. Not only has the device connection process been made a lot easier, but now you can become a DJ with the new and improved Ringtone Editor. New version 6.6 offers new humorous illustrations for contacts.

What's new in version 6.6

Connect your iPhone and Android easier than ever

iTunes and MOBILedit can now run simultaneously. There is no need to shutdown iTunes first and then reconnect the device. It even works if you don't have iTunes installed at all. And for Android fans, there is also a big enhancement. For those who hadn't downloaded the MOBILedit Connector app from Google Play yet, now there is an automatic installation of the app - right after the phone is connected!

100 new illustrations added

Now it's even more fun to assign a funny picture to your friends. Just point at your friend's number in your phonebook and click the illustration button. Then you'll be able to browse the gallery of illustrations such as nerd, photographer or cowboy just to match your friend's character.

iTunes Backup browser

Import iTunes backup from any computer. This feature visualizes data from backups that have been previously created by iTunes. You can browse, export or restore the data to its original phone. And that's not all; you can even copy the data to a different phone or upload to cloud storage using the Phone Copier feature.

New Ringtone Editor for iPhone and Android

Just choose a file, cut, and store. The integrated Ringtone Editor is the fastest way to create a ringtone. No more knowledge of converting is necessary. MOBILedit stores the ringtone directly to your iPhone or Android in the supported format with a click.

Improved performance and stability

With everyday feedback from our users, MOBILedit continues to improve. You will notice fewer lags and pauses while you browse or copy your phonebook. Working with MOBILedit is smoother than ever.

Other changes

  • Fixed high resolution pictures in contacts
  • Support for Android 4.1
  • Smart file system for Android - important data are shown in groups: Images, Music, Ringtones, Video
  • Fixed transfer of bigger files in Phonecopier
  • Optimized interface for a use on a low resolution displays
  • New phones added

MOBILedit 6.1.1 released

6 Apr 2012

Here's what's new in 6.1.1

For Android phones:

  • Connect Android phones through Wi-Fi, no cables needed, just download and run MOBILedit connector from Market
  • Complete support of accounts for Android. Filter your contacts according to their sources, like Exchange, Facebook, Gmail or Skype...
  • Transfer contacts across accounts easily, move your Gmail contact to Exchange or phone memory
  • You can manually link or unlink your contacts among accounts
  • Our internet cloud also supports linking with accounts
  • Soon we will provide all this on iPhone too...

For all other phones:

  • MOBILedit now reads phonebook via Bluetooth from almost any phone
  • Simplified Bluetooth pairing process
  • We added new avatars to illustrated contacts
  • Bug fixes, improvements, speedup

New Phones Added

Acer beTouch E120, Acer beTouch E130, Acer beTouch E140, Acer Liquid, Acer Liquid Mini, Acer Liquid MT, Alcatel One Touch 890, Alcatel One Touch 990, Apple iPad 3, Apple iPod Touch 2G, Apple iPod Touch 3G, BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, BlackBerry 9360 Curve, BlackBerry 9900 Bold, Casio GzOne Commando, CPA Halo 7, CSL MI410, CSL MI700, Dell Venue, Dell XCD28, Dell XCD35, Docomo SC-02B, Docomo SC-02C, Docomo SH-12C, Docomo SO-01B, Garmin-Asus A10, Google Galaxy Nexus, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Evo Design 4G, HTC Explorer, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Rezound, HTC Sensation XL, Huawei Ascend, Huawei Ideos X1, Huawei Ideos X3, Huawei Ideos X5, Huawei M835, Huawei M865, Huawei Sonic, Huawei U8300, Huawei UM840, iMobile i858, Kyocera Echo M9300, Kyocera Milano C5120, LG Apex US740, LG C729, LG Connect 4G MS840, LG Esteem MS910, LG Genesis US760, LG GS290, LG GT350, LG Nitro P930, LG Optimus Chic E720, LG Optimus Chic LU3100, LG Optimus HUB E510, LG Optimus Net P690, LG Optimus Pro C660, LG Optimus Sol E730, LG P940, LG Revolution VS910, LG Shine Plus, Micromax A70, Micromax A75, Motorola ATRIX 2 MB865, Motorola DEFY+ MB526, Motorola Droid 3, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola Droid Razr, Motorola Electrify, Motorola Fire, Motorola Fire XT, Motorola Milestone X, Motorola Milestone XT720, Motorola QUENCH XT5 XT502, Motorola Razr XT910, Motorola Spice XT300, Motorola Triumph WX435, Motorola XT800, Motorola XT800+, myPhone 6500, Nexian Journey NX-A890, Nokia 300, Nokia 500, Nokia 700, Nokia C1-01, Nokia C2-01, Nokia C5-03, Nokia 200, Nokia 201, Nokia 302, Nokia 603, Nokia C2-05, Olive OlivePad VT100, Pantech Breakout, Pantech Crossover, Samsung Admire, Samsung Conquer 4G, Samsung Dart, Samsung Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Exhibit 4G, Samsung Exhibit II 4G, Samsung Galaxy i899, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, Samsung Galaxy R, Samsung Galaxy S hoppin, Samsung Galaxy S II HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung Galaxy W, Samsung Galaxy xCover, Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Gravity Smart, Samsung GT-S3370, Samsung GT-S5230W, Samsung GT-S5250, Samsung GT-S5260, Samsung GT-S5610, Samsung GT-S7070, Samsung GT-S7230E, Samsung Replenish, Samsung SGH-F480V, Samsung Transfix, Samsung Transform Ultra, Sony Xperia S, Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman, Sony Ericsson Xperia active, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Sony Ericsson Xperia mini, Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, Spice Mi 350, T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide, T-Mobile MyTouch Q, T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, T-Mobile Streak 7, Videocon V7500, Viewsonic ViewPad 7, Vodafone 858 Smart, Vodafone 945, WellcoM Mobile A800, WellcoM Mobile A88, WellcoM Mobile A99, ZTE N860, ZTE N880, ZTE Racer, ZTE Score, ZTE V9, ZTE V9C, ZTE Warp

MOBILedit 6.0.2 released

20 Jan 2012

MOBILedit 6.0.2 has just been released as a minor update with stability fixes. All product editions of MOBILedit Forensic, Phone Copier, Enterprise, OEM and magazine versions have been updated. Staying true to our customer commitment, we will continue to release new versions more frequently.

What's new in this version

  • iPhone - iMessages are now supported
  • Fixed resolving of numbers in message view
  • Fixed activation of Windows Mobile devices
  • Added copying sms messages into Windows Mobile devices
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved stability thanks to your feedback through the new diagnostic and feedback function

New Phones Added

  • Samsung Bada GT-S7230
  • Samsung Bada S5250
  • Samsung S5230W
  • Samsung F480V
  • Nokia E72-1
  • MyPhone 6500
  • CPA Halo7
  • Sony Ericsson U1A

MOBILedit 6.0

22 Dec 2011

We just released minor update - MOBILedit 6.0.1 with stability fixes. The new diagnostic and feedback function allows you to report any problem easily. Because of your help, we can now provide you this better version. We want to provide you new releases more frequently.

Here is the list of what's new

  • iOS 5 is now supported (iCloud sync has to be turned off to get contacts, due to Apple architecture)
  • Intelligent phonebook optimizer is now even better with searches for unknown numbers
  • Phonebook Illustrations - make your contacts come alive
  • Payment by text message - get all functions right now, no risk, no form fillings
  • Phonebook editor redesigned
    • Contacts can be now displayed in two column view and also in the wide view
    • Column width is now adjustable in the phonebook
    • Improved work with contact photos
  • On Android phones now displaying contacts accounts and links, so you know which contact is from Exchange Server, Google or phone storage
  • Redesigned ringtone editor is now very easy to use
  • Windows Phone 7 support - reading phonebook through Bluetooth
  • Full support of Google Contacts, read and write like a phone
  • Supported features for connected phone are displayed in the phone view
  • Print text messages in colors
  • All phone drivers are now included in the installation package
  • If something gets wrong, you can send report with communication logs directly to our developers
  • We added bug fixes and optimizations

New phones added

Aligator A850 , Aligator D900 , Apple iPad 2 , Apple iPhone 4S , BlackBerry 9780 Bold , Cherry Mobile T8 Pro , CSL Spice , Garmin-Asus A50 , HTC Aria , HTC Bee , HTC ChaCha , HTC Desire S , HTC Dream , HTC Droid Eris , HTC Droid Incredible 2 , HTC Evo 3D , HTC Evo Shift 4G , HTC Hero 200 , HTC Incredible S , HTC Merge , HTC Rhyme , HTC Salsa , HTC Sensation , HTC Thunderbolt 4G , HTC Wildfire S , Huawei Ideos , Huawei M860 , Huawei U8100 , Huawei U8230 , LG Ally , LG Axis , LG G2x , LG GD880 , LG GM360 , LG GW620 , LG Optimus 2X , LG Optimus 3D , LG Optimus Black , LG Optimus M , LG Optimus S LS670 , LG Optimus U US670 , LG Optimus V VM670 , LG Vortex , Micromax A60 , Motorola ATRIX 4G MB860 , Motorola ATRIX ME860 , Motorola BACKFLIP MB300 , Motorola BACKFLIP ME600 , Motorola BRAVO MB520 , Motorola CHARM MB502 , Motorola CITRUS WX445 , Motorola CLIQ 2 MB611 , Motorola CLIQ MB200 , Motorola DEFY MB525 , Motorola Devour , Motorola Droid 2 , Motorola Droid Pro , Motorola Droid X2 , Motorola FLIPOUT MB511 , Motorola FLIPSIDE MB508 , Motorola i1 , Motorola Milestone 2 , Motorola Milestone A854 , Motorola PHOTON 4G MB855 , Motorola QUENCH MB501 , Motorola XPRT MB612 , Nokia C1-02 , Nokia N9 , Samsung Acclaim , Samsung Behold II , Samsung Continuum i400 , Samsung Droid Charge , Samsung Fascinate , Samsung Galaxy , Samsung Galaxy 5 , Samsung Galaxy 551 , Samsung Galaxy Apollo , Samsung Galaxy Europa , Samsung Galaxy Fit , Samsung Galaxy Gio , Samsung Galaxy Indulge , Samsung Galaxy Mini , Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA I559 , Samsung Galaxy Prevail , Samsung Galaxy Pro , Samsung Galaxy S Plus , Samsung Galaxy SL , Samsung Galaxy Spica , Samsung Galaxy Tab CDMA , Samsung Gem , Samsung Infuse 4G , Samsung Intercept , Samsung Moment , Samsung Transform , Sanyo Zio , Sony Ericsson Cedar , Sony Ericsson Elm , Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc , Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro , Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo , Sony Ericsson Xperia Play , Sony Ericsson Xperia pro , Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray , Sony Ericsson Xperia W8 , Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 , T-Mobile MyTouch 3G , T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide , T-Mobile Pulse , T-Mobile Pulse Mini , ZTE Blade

MOBILedit! 5.5

24 May 2011

The world’s most advanced PC Suite keeps getting better. Download the new version 5.5 and get new features that let you do even more with your phone. The software update is free for all users within the valid update period. You can download it right now or click "Check for updates" from the software.

We created this latest update with many improvements and new features after carefully evaluating our users’ needs and suggestions. As always, thanks for your help.

Here is the list of what's new

iPhone now connected using native communication!

  • Transfer of contacts to any iPhone or iPad from any other phone
  • Now you can read or write contacts to an official iphone—no jailbreak needed
  • iTunes is no longer needed for connection
  • Messages are also supported (read-only) for print, search, export, backup and more

Perhaps our most exciting new function is the Intelligent Phonebook Optimizer. It will analyze your phonebook and improve it by searching for invalid contacts and duplicates, merging partial contacts, and correcting numbers to full international format make your calls work from abroad. The Optimizer can also enhance your contacts with Facebook friends' information such as photos, links and full names.

Improved Phonebook editor

  • Easier editing and creating contacts; editor for long notes
  • Redesigned contacts sorting
  • Immediate write of changes in phonebook (optional)

Google contacts

  • Uploading your phone contatcs to Gmail account
  • Allows for synchronization with Windows 7 Phones among others

Print function completely enhanced

  • Print your contacts in a beautiful format along with messages with or without contact notes


  • Entirely new and improved design of messages with popular conversation view, all messages view, and search and sort
  • Redesigned message sender
  • Internet storage now supports also sms messages so you can backup or transfer them between phones online

Improved phone copy and items mapping when pasting from other phones. Improved copy from SIM using card reader

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Improved Android communication speed, stability and supported features
  • Improved detection of conflicting applications will improve connection success
  • Supported contacts photos in Outlook
  • Better handling of new connected phone, more visible New Port message
  • Custom skinning was removed, which improved stability and unified design
  • Free storage info display for Nokia S60 phones
  • Fix for invalid date (1601/1/1) in Windows Mobile
  • Forensic: Fixes in Excel export
  • Fix in deleting filesystem folders

New phones added

Apple native communication with all iPhone, iPad devices plus iPod Touch

All Android phones 1.5 and above are supported
Following Android phones have been extensively tested and are supported including their pictures:

  • Dell Streak
  • Google Nexus One
  • Google Nexus S
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Droid Incredible
  • HTC Evo 4G
  • HTC Glacier
  • LG Optimus GT540
  • LG Optimus Me P350
  • LG Optimus One P500
  • Motorola Droid
  • Motorola Droid X
  • Samsung Captivate
  • Samsung Epic 4G
  • Samsung Galaxy 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (tablet)
  • Samsung Vibrant
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
  • T-Mobile G2


  • BlackBerry 9700 Bold
  • BlackBerry 9800 Torch


  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic
  • Nokia C6-01 (S^3)
  • Nokia E5-00
  • Nokia E7-00(S^3)
  • Nokia N91
  • Nokia E6-00(S^3)
  • Nokia X7-00(S^3)

MOBILedit! 5

22 Dec 2010

MOBILedit! 5 is the result of tireless efforts to achieve our most remarkable breakthrough version to date. We created an Internet storage server solution for storing or transferring your contacts. We also finished extensive development for Android phones making MOBILedit! a full featured Android PC Suite.

Here is the list of what's new

  • full support of Android phones from all manufacturers; including organizer, rich phonebook functionality, battery life, signal, memory status, sending SMS, etc.
  • completely new way to copy phones using Internet storage
  • new Android application for quick phone copy using Internet storage. You can download it from the Android Market under the name "Phone Copier"
  • support of Samsung Bada - the new and popular OS
  • completely new look of messages and contacts including photos
  • new search showing multiple results at once
  • entirely new and improved design
  • we created an installation package with a collection of all phone drivers you will need to connect your phone. Download here

New phones added

  • LG KS360
  • Nokia C3-00, Nokia C6-00
  • Samsung GT-S5560, Samsung GT-S7550, Samsung B5722
  • Samsung Wave GT-S8500 with Bada OS
  • All Android phones 1.5 and above are supported
  • Following Android phones have been extensively tested and are supported including their pictures:
    Motorola Milestone, Samsung GT-I9000 - known as Galaxy S,Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini,
    T-Mobile G1,Vodafone 845, HTC Desire, HTC Wildfire, HTC Hero.

MOBILedit! 4.3

23 Sep 2010


  • Now we can read any iPhone/iPod/iPad
  • Extension of export items in the Forensic Report
  • Enhanced support for worldwide popular dual-SIM phones (MTK/MediaTek chipset)
  • Support for e-mails on Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices
  • Many improvements

  • 53 new phones added from brands as Apple, Blackberry, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and other MTK branded phones

    Apple iPad, Apple iPhone 2G, Apple iPhone 3G, Apple iPhone 3GS, HTC Desire, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, HTC Magic, HTC Tattoo, HTC Touch HD mini, HTC Wildfire, Aligator A800, Aligator D730, Aligator D830, BlackBerry 8120 Pearl, Emgeton Flexaret Mini, Emgeton G20 Cult, Emgeton Picco, Gigabyte GSmart, Mivvy Chat, Mivvy Dual, Mivvy Dual Hero, Mivvy Dual Music, Mivvy Dual Nio, myPhone 3010, myPhone 3350, myPhone 3370, myPhone 6650, myPhone 6651, myPhone 6670, myPhone 6680, myPhone 6691, myPhone 7230, myPhone 7720, myPhone 8810, myPhone 8815, myPhone 8830, myPhone 8850, myPhone 8870, myPhone 8920, myPhone 8930, myPhone 9005, myPhone 9010, Nokia 5230, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia C5, Nokia N900, Samsung GT-C6112, Samsung GT-S3550, Samsung GT-S5350, Sony Ericsson U5i, Sony Ericsson W715i

    See complete list of supported phones.

MOBILedit! 4.2

10 Jun 2010


  • Improved Phone Copier:
    • user mapping was redesigned
    • more intelligent copying
    • copying to and from file
    • interface improvements
  • Improved Outlook synchronization
  • Improved Restore wizard helps backup and restore data to any phone
  • Improvements in the program interface


All current Blackberry phones are supported through cable connection
BlackBerry 9530 Storm now works through Bluetooth

  • LG B2050
  • LG GB220
  • LG GT500
  • LG GT505
  • LG GW520
  • LG KC550
  • LG KF900
  • LG KP170
  • LG KP501
  • LG KS20
  • LG KT520
  • Nokia 2600 classic
  • Nokia 2700 classic
  • Nokia 2720 fold
  • Nokia 2730 classic
  • Nokia 3250
  • Nokia 5730 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6650 fold
  • Nokia 7230
  • Nokia 7510 Supernova
  • Nokia 8600 Luna
  • Nokia E60
  • Nokia E63
  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia N81
  • Nokia N93
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia X3
  • Nokia X6
  • Samsung B5702
  • Samsung GT-S3310
  • Samsung GT-S3650
  • Samsung GT-S5620
  • Samsung S3030
  • Samsung S5200
  • Samsung S7220
  • Samsung SGH-D780
  • Samsung SGH-E870
  • Samsung SGH-i560
  • Samsung SGH-L170
  • Samsung SGH-L760
  • Samsung SGH-X530
  • Sony Ericsson W508

MOBILedit! 4.1

26 Mar 2010


  • MOBILedit! is now protected by digital signature
  • MOBILedit! is now fully optimized for Windows 7 and Vista
  • Microsoft acknowledged MOBILedit! with its Windows 7 Compatibility Logo
  • Many new phones added
  • Improved performance and stability
  • Many improvements to user interface
  • Improved Connection Wizard - enhanced troubleshooting will get your phone connected
  • New Installation Setup
  • Improved Phone Copier - more trouble-free with an added abort/retry/fail function
  • Nokia phones - ability to store SMS messages to the phone
  • Blackberry phones - support of file system


  • Coolpad F69
  • Dopod S700
  • HTC Touch HD2
  • LG BL20
  • LG GC900
  • LG GD900
  • LG GD910
  • LG KC910
  • LG KM900
  • LG KT878
  • LG KU990i
  • Motorola V365
  • Nokia 2330 classic
  • Nokia 3720 classic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 8800 Arte
  • Nokia N86 8MP
  • Samsung C3050
  • Samsung GT-B3410
  • Samsung GT-S3930C
  • Samsung GT-S5630C
  • Samsung SGH-D900i
  • Sony Ericsson F100
  • Sony Ericsson T715
  • Sony Ericsson U10
  • Sony Ericsson U100
  • Sony Ericsson U1i

MOBILedit! 4

21 Dec 2009

The release of MOBILedit! FOUR is here right in time and unveils fantastic new improvements to FOUR areas. Let yourself play with this ultimate application and enjoy it during holidays!

  1. Completely new look
  2. Completely new functions
  3. Completely new improvements
  4. Completely new phones


  • Completely new, revised GUI
  • Skinning compatible with Windows styles
  • Adjustment of controls to simplify operation


  • New connection Wizard for easy PC to phone connection
  • Automatic detection of conflicting PC suite software
  • Phone Copier for one click phone to phone data transfer


  • Improved speed and stability
  • Improved phonebook and SMS search
  • Improved organizer
  • Faster downloads in WebVideoDownloader, all YouTube video-formats supported
  • Enhanced Shopping List
  • Improved compatibility with Vista and Windows 7
  • Many other improvements


  • Blackberry 9500 Storm
  • Blackberry 8310 Curve
  • Blackberry 8520 Curve
  • Blackberry 8900 Curve
  • Blackberry 9000 Bold
  • HTC Touch Pro2
  • LG KP260
  • Motorola E6
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 6303 classic
  • Nokia 6700 classic
  • Nokia 670 classic
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia N97
  • Samsung GT-C3060
  • Samsung GT-I8000 Omnia II
  • Samsung GT-i8320
  • Samsung GT-i8910
  • Samsung GT-S3100
  • Samsung SGH-F480i
  • Sony Ericsson G900

See complete list of supported phones.

MOBILedit! 3.3

23 Sep 2009

New features and bug fixes

  • Read-only support for Google Android (through the application "ME Reports")
  • Improved compatibility for Windows Vista
  • Changes to UI to increase user comfort
  • Increased overall stability

New phones

Evolve GX660Google AndroidLG KP260
Nokia 7100 SupernovaNokia 7210 SupernovaNokia N79
Motorola C390Samsung GT-C5510Samsung GT-C6620
Samsung GT-C6625Samsung GT-M2510Samsung GT-M8910
Samsung M7600Samsung S8000Sony Ericsson G700
Sony Ericsson W995i

MOBILedit! 3.2

17 Jul 2009

New features and bug fixes

  • Improvement of compatibility with Windows Vista
  • Increase the overall stability
  • Minor changes of UI to increase user comfort
  • Enhanced support for Windows Mobile according to manufacturer and model
  • Improved loading SMS on Windows Mobile devices
  • Accelerated showing and loading SMS
  • Speed up work in the phonebook
  • Enhanced user control in organizer (calendar)
  • InstantConnect: User friendly connecting to phone by a single-button-click
  • Improved working with phones requiring Connector (WM,Symbian, UIQ3)
  • Improvement of compatibility with MS Outlook / Outlook Express

New phones

LG KM900 Nokia 6600 fold Samsung E1310B
LG KP500 Nokia 7310 Supernova Samsung GT-S5230
Motorola EM325 Nokia 7610 Supernova Samsung GT-S5600
Nokia 2630 Nokia E70 Samsung GT-S5600V
Nokia 2760 Nokia E75 Samsung GT-S7350
Nokia 3120 classic Nokia N78 Samsung GT-S8300
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic Nokia N82 Samsung GT-S8300V
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Nokia N85 Sony Ericsson W902i
Nokia 6210 Navigator Nokia N96  

MOBILedit! 3.1

20 Apr 2009

New features and bug fixes

  • Video Editor with AVI, WMV and 3GP support
  • Support for Symbian UIQ3 phones added
  • Organizer content copying fixed/improved
  • Smoother activation process on Windows Vista
  • Fixed minor bug during phone backup
  • Fixed stability issue when receiving SMS during phone's File System browsing
  • Virtual COM ports now included in Connection Wizard port searches
  • More convenient application of downloaded skins
  • Fixed display of signal quality on Sony Ericsson phones
  • More intuitive automatic addition of new items to the Shortcut Bar

New phones

LG KF300Samsung GT-B2700Samsung SGH-M7500
LG KG920Samsung GT-i8510Samsung SGH-S3600
LG KM380Samsung GT-M8800Samsung SGH-U800
Motorola EM30Samsung GT-S7330Samsung SGH-U900V
Motorola ZN5Samsung SGH-B520Samsung SGH-ZV60
Nokia 2680 slideSamsung SGH-D980Sony Ericsson C510
Nokia 3600 slideSamsung SGH-E200Sony Ericsson C905
Nokia 3610 foldSamsung SGH-E2510Sony Ericsson G705
Nokia 5000Samsung SGH-F400Sony Ericsson T700i
Nokia 5220 XpressMusicSamsung SGH-G400Sony Ericsson W350i
Nokia 5320 XpressMusicSamsung SGH-J700Sony Ericsson W380i
Nokia 6121 classicSamsung SGH-J700VSony Ericsson W595i
Nokia 6124 classicSamsung SGH-J800Sony Ericsson W705i
Nokia 6220 classicSamsung SGH-L700Sony Ericsson W760i
Nokia 6600 slideSamsung SGH-L770VSony Ericsson W980i
Nokia E66Samsung SGH-L810VSony Ericsson Z555i
Nokia E71Samsung SGH-M150Sony Ericsson M600i
Nokia N71Samsung SGH-M3200Sony Ericsson P1i
Nokia N95 8GBSamsung SGH-M3510

MOBILedit! 3.0 Now with support for Windows Mobile

4 Nov 2008

New features

  • Support for Windows Mobile added!
  • Improved support for Apple iPhone (1st gen)
  • Fixed possible bug when handling files located on phones
  • Several minor bugs fixed

New phones

OS Windows Mobile 6.1LG KU250Samsung SGH-M150
OS Windows Mobile 6LG KU311Samsung SGH-M310
OS Windows Mobile 5.0LG KU380Samsung SGH-M310V
OS Windows Mobile 2003 SELG KU990Samsung GT-S7330
OS Windows Mobile 2003Nokia 6124 ClassicSamsung SGH-G400
LG HB620TNokia E66Samsung SGH-U800
LG KF310Samsung SGH-G810 Sony Ericsson W980i
LG KF700

MOBILedit! 2.99 released - support for Apple iPhone added

15 Aug 2008

New features & Bug fixes

  • New option to Copy to PC Archive, supplementing current Move to PC Archive
  • Added support for Apple iPhone (for instructions visit HowTo)
  • Added support for Ubiquam brand
  • Fixed Received SMS notification with Samsung phones
  • Fixed Import of protected content with Nokia phones
  • Other minor bugfixes

New phones

Apple iPhoneMotorola E8Nokia 7500 PrismSamsung SGH-S720i
LG KE500Motorola U9Nokia E51Samsung SGH-S730i
LG KE850Motorola V8Nokia E61i Samsung SGH-U100
LG KF310Motorola V9Samsung ArmaniSamsung SGH-U900
LG KF600Motorola V525MSamsung SGH-E340Samsung SGH-X520
LG KF700Motorola V535Samsung SGH-E590Samsung SGH-X700
LG KG130Motorola V1100 Samsung SGH-E760 Samsung SGH-Z320i
LG KG290Motorola W510Samsung SGH-E780Samsung SGH-Z560
LG KM500Nokia 2610Samsung SGH-F250Samsung SGH-Z560V
LG KP130Nokia 3110 ClassicSamsung SGH-F480Samsung SGH-Z720
LG KP235Nokia 5070Samsung SGH-F490Sony Ericsson K660i
LG KU250Nokia 5310 XpressMusicSamsung SGH-F490VSony Ericsson T650i
LG KU311Nokia 6060Samsung SGH-G800Sony Ericsson W890i
LG KU380Nokia 6120 ClassicSamsung SGH-J600Sony Ericsson Z770i
LG KU990Nokia 6500 SlideSamsung SGH-S400i Ubiquam U400
Motorola A1200Nokia 6555Samsung SGH-S401i

MOBILedit! 2.8 released - many new phones added

17 Mar 2008

New features & Bug fixes

  • The 7 day Lite version trial functionality is now extended to 30 days!
  • New phone brands supported: Sagem, Mivvy, ZTC
  • For new installations, Compelson Archive is now renamed to PC Archive

Dramatically improved Web Video Downloader features

  • Download videos from virtually any web video site
  • Edit the list of video sites on the Web Video start screen
  • Use preconfigured convertor profiles, optimized for specific device types
  • Create your own custom profiles or edit existing ones
  • New file formats supported

New phones

LG C3300Motorola V3iSagem my400VSagem myV-65 
LG F2400Nokia 6030Sagem my411VSagem myX2-2
LG KG110Nokia 3109 ClassicSagem myC-2Sagem myX-7
LG KP202iNokia 3500 ClassicSagem myC2-3Sagem myZ-55
Mivvy Ch@tNokia 6110 NavigatorSagem myC-3bSamsung SGH-X520
Mivvy DualNokia E90Sagem myC-4Samsung SGH-U700
Mivvy MusicSony Ericsson W580iSagem myC5-2ZTC TE558

Web Video Downloader update released

25 Jan 2008

Web Video Downloader plugin updated

The new version features an updated Web Video Downloader plugin, with optimized functionality with YouTube videos.

Web Video Downloader is now embedded in MOBILedit!

2 Jan 2008

Download YouTube videos to your phone!

With MOBILedit!, you can now download videos from websites, convert them to a compatible format and save them on a PC or mobile device.

  • All popular web video servers supported, such as YouTube, Google Video or Metacafe
  • Integrated web browser with an advanced download manager
  • Multi-purpose convertor capable of transcoding into many file formats and encodings, including DivX and 3GP

Play and choose the video you wish to download and install to your device. MOBILedit! transcodes the video while you're browsing and watching others. MOBILedit! transcodes the video into quality that is optimized for the best experience on your device.

Other new features and bug fixes

  • Smoother activation process on Windows Vista
  • Fixed minor bug during phone backup
  • Fixed stability issue when receiving SMS during phone's File System browsing
  • Virtual COM ports now included in Connection Wizard port searches
  • More convenient application of downloaded skins
  • Fixed display of signal quality on Sony Ericsson phones
  • More intuitive automatic addition of new items to the Shortcut Bar

New phones

Motorola W510Nokia 6060Samsung SGH-S730iSamsung SGH-Z320i
Motorola V525MNokia E61iSamsung SGH-S401iSamsung SGH-Z560
Motorola V1100Samsung SGH-E340Samsung SGH-S720iSamsung SGH-Z560V
Sony Ericsson T650iSamsung SGH-E760Samsung SGH-S400iSamsung SGH-Z720
Nokia 3110 ClassicSamsung SGH-E780Samsung SGH-X700

MOBILedit! with Ringtone Editor released

25 Oct 2007

New features & Bug fixes

  • Enhanced Ringtone Editor with powerful new features
  • Added option to cancel operation when browsing folders
  • Extended compatibility with supported Samsung phones

New phones

Sony Ericsson K850iSamsung SGH-U600
Sony Ericsson K550iSamsung SGH-E390
Motorola E770Nokia 6500
Motorola V3xxvNokia 6270
LG KG328

MOBILedit! is now with Ringtone editor

14 Sep 2007

Ringtone editor is now embedded in MOBILedit!

Create your own ringtones and upload them directly to your phone with a single click. The user interface has been designed to be very intuitive while offering powerful functionality. It consists of an editor, a CD ripper and a transcoder.

  • Advanced editing features
  • Intuitive user interface suitable even for inexperienced users
  • CD grabbing
  • Supports AMR, MP3, MMF, OGG and WAV

You can precisely edit the audio, create and modify selections, create persistent block selections, accurately adjust start and end of the block in order to find exactly the right part of the song. The selection can than be mixed or cropped for further editing.

The audio can have the volume adjusted automatically with a push of a button or manually to obtain best results. The Fade In and Fade Out feature can be applied to the beginning and end of the sound for a smooth, professional sound.

Our Ringtone Editor also offers other effects such as Echo or Reverse, as well as Pitch, which can be used to edit voice recordings to obtain funny, helium-sounding ringtones.

New phones

  • Motorola Z3, K3, W490, V525
  • Samsung SCH-U420, Z650i
  • Nokia 6151
  • Sharp GX33
  • Sony Ericsson W880i, W200i

MOBILedit! released

29 Jul 2007

New features & Bug fixes

  • New Connection Wizard
  • New phones supported
  • Improved compatibility with supported Samsung phones
  • Minor bug fixes

MOBILedit! released

17 May 2007

New features & Bug fixes

- Connection Wizard function improved
- New cache function has been improved
- Settings dialog tabs has been updated
- Minor bug fixes

MOBILedit! released

3 May 2007

New phones

LG KE970

Nokia 6125

LG KP202

Nokia 6085

LG KG120

Nokia 7390

LG B2100

Nokia 7373

LG KG320

Nokia 5200

New features & Bug fixes

  • Import of MED files is implemented
  • Support for dialing from web pages 
  • Fixed problems with new cache
  • Fixed error under 9x/ME during activation
  • Fixed DKUE-2 cable (mini USB) for Nokia
  • Fixed handling of smart card readers
  • Fixed any problems with end date or end time 
  • Storing of monthly recurrence has been fixed
  • Weekly recurrence has been fixed in recurrence dialog of organizer plugin
  • Removing activation after dialog canceling has been fixed
  • Many other optimizations & bug fixes

MOBILedit! released

28 Mar 2007

New phones

Motorola Z3

Motorola V525

Sony Ericsson W880i

Sony Ericsson W200i

Samsung D820

Samsung D830

Samsung E250

Samsung E570

Samsung E770

Samsung P300

Samsung X210

Samsung X510

Samsung X650

Samsung X820

New features & Bug fixes

  • mBoox - unlimited version is available
  • Completely improved data files management & handling
  • Archive data source supports merging of more archives
  • Read-only data sources support
  • Archive contains folder of sent MMS
  • Fixed advanced BT settings dialog
  • Add international prefix for Serbia
  • Fixed internationalization with the only numbers
  • Re-activation dialog implemented
  • Many other optimizations & bug fixes

MOBILedit! released

23 Feb 2007

New phones

Sharp GX17

Sharp GX29

Sharp GX40

Sharp 550SH

Sharp 703SH

Sharp 770SH

Sony Ericsson W710i

Sony Ericsson Z310i

New features & Bug fixes

  • Archive data source supports merging of more archives
  • Fixed phone deactivation request sending
  • Read-only data sources support
  • Fixed bug in datetime wrapper in timezone handling
  • Fixed problem with slow IrDA + crash in installing MEConnector on Symbian phones
  • Completly reworked Nokia phonebook support mainly support for new items in Nokia 6233, 6131, ... (Series40 version 30)
  • Activated phones handles ESN of CDMA ones
  • Archive contains folder of sent MMS
  • Fixed phones listing in JAVA applications installing dialog
  • Some minor bugfixes in phonebook plugin on Samsung and Motorola phones
  • Fixed problem with multiple PIN2 requests
  • Some bugfixes in offline data sources

    MOBILedit! released

    13 Feb 2007

    New phones

    Motorola K1v

    Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

    New features & Bug fixes

    • Some minor bugfixes in phonebook plugin on Samsung and Motorola phones
    • improved compatility on cable connection

    MOBILedit! released

    3 Jan 2007

    New phones

    Motorola K1vNokia 6111
    Nokia 6131Nokia 6233
    Nokia 6234

    Nokia 6280

    Nokia 6288Samsung D900

    New features & Bug fixes

    • some bugfixes and improvements in phonebook list
    • fixed bugs in Outlook Express support
    • fixed detection of some Samsung phones on BT
    • other minor bugs fixed

    MOBILedit! released

    5 Dec 2006

    New phones

    Motorola K1, L7e, V3xx, Nokia 6070, 6080, 9300i, Samsung SGH-E330N, SGH-E630, Sony Ericsson K320i, K610i, K790i, V630i, W850i, Z550i, Z610i

    New features & Bug fixes

    • fixed - reading date & time format on Motorola phones.
    • other minor bugfixes


    21 Nov 2006

    New phones added:

    Motorola K1, L7e, V3xx, Nokia 6070, 6080, 9300i, Samsung SGH-E330N, SGH-E630,
    Sony Ericsson K320i, K610i, K790i, V630i, W850i, Z550i, Z610i

    New features:

    • ShoppingList plugin - The Mobile Shopping List can be used to create to-do lists, homework lists, personal goal lists, workout routines, and many more.
    • performance and stability improvements in MMS Send

    Bug fixes:

    • few minor bugs fixed


    31 Aug 2006

    New phones added:

    Kyocera SE44, LG VX7000, LX1200, LX5xxx, VX4400, VX6100, Motorola V60t, V710, V3c, T720c, V120t, Samsung SPH-A660, Nokia 3360, 6225 , Sony Ericsson K310i, K510i, K800i, W300i, W700i, W810i, Z530i

    New features:

    • mBoox plugin - Read documents in your phone!
    • MMS Send - compose and send MMS easily directly from your computer
    • Native Bluetooth support - support for MS Bluetooth stack implemented
    • mBoox plugin - Read documents in your phone!
    • CDMA support - support for above mentioned CDMA phones

    Bug fixes:

    • all crashes reported in version fixed
    • fixed - default date and time for new task - now plugin will use current value
    • fixed - possible application hang-ups when closing application
    • fixed - Toshiba BT port recognition
    • fixed - problems with unexpected disconnecting Motorola phones
    • fixed - daylight savings problems in Calendar on Sony Ericsson phones
    • fixed - unneeded PIN2 requests on Sony Ericsson phones


    16 Jun 2006

    New phones have been added:

    • Motorola L7, Samsung SGH-X200 and Siemens ME75

    New features:

    • brand new phonebook plugin
    • support of custom Outlook Contacts folders including public Contacts folders

    Bug fixes:

    • Bug Fixed - problem with newest DKU-2/CA-53/CA-42 Nokia driver
    • Bug Fixed - crash in the organizer plugin when re-reading data after online/offline status switching
    • Bug Fixed - Siemens S/ME45 phonebook read
    • Bug Fixed - invalid date/time format for localized Excel sheets, added date/time format option
    • Bug Fixed - SMS read on Samsung SGH-S500
    • Bug Fixed - crash during phone detection in Wizard
    • Bug Fixed - keyboard handling + added support for new keys like camera, FIRE on new devices (RAZRV3x, E1, ...)
    • Bug Fixed - disable installing JAVA apps button for devices which dont support this feature


    21 Apr 2006

    • New phones have been added: Motorola C385, Motorola E1000, Motorola E1070, Motorola V3i, Motorola V3iv, Motorola V3x, Motorola V3xv, Motorola V547, Motorola V551, Motorola V975
    • Bug Fixed - corrected support for default numbers (e.g. in Ericsson phones the default number is not handled properly)
    • Bug Fixed - corrected support for case-sensitive file systems
    • Bug Fixed - corrected address support in Symbian driver
    • Bug Fixed - corrected Organizer support - deleting Events on Motorola phones
    • Bug Fixed - corrected synchronization support - synchronizing recurrent events
    • Bug Fixed - corrected SMS support - improved long SMS support on Samsung phones
    • Bug Fixed - corrected Files backup - files not visible in backups


    30 Mar 2006

    • family of Symbian phones is now supported
    • MOBILedit! is compliant with these 24 new phones:
      Motorola A1000, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia 7710, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia N-Gage QD, Panasonic X700, Siemens SX1, Sony Ericsson P800, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P910i, Sony Ericsson W900i
    • Calendar, as complex and intuitive as in MS Outlook
    • Notes supported
    • Tasks supported
    • synchronization of contacts and organizer with extensive possibilities
    • installation of games and applications
    • added support for "Car number" item in MS Outlook plugin
    • phone view contains buttons for handsfree controling (SonyEricsson only)
    • File System plugin allows to overwrite all the files when copying ("Yes to All function")
    • fixed Set time function bug
    • fixed Outlook bar creation
    • fixed offline activation of phones in MOBILedit! Basic
    • fixed bugs causing application crash when closing
    • fixed some of the SMS issues on Motorola phones
    • other minor bugfixes


    3 Nov 2005

    • new phones have been added: Motorola V235, Motorola V360, Motorola L2, Motorola L6, Motorola U6, Motorola E1, Nokia 6111, Nokia 7360, Nokia 7380, Samsung D600E, Siemens A75, Siemens AX75, Siemens C72, Siemens C75, Siemens CF75, Siemens CX75, Siemens M75, Sony Ericsson J300i, Sony Ericsson W550i, Sony Ericsson Z520i
    • Calendar, Tasks and Notes - read-only beta version 2
    • .dia file import has been fixed and tweaked
    • date picker function added into Organizer plugin
    • error code returned when MS Outlook is not installed has been fixed

    Version 1.99

    15 Oct 2005

    • USSD message support has been added (Enterprise version only)
    • dialing function is now supported on new Nokia models (for example 6230(i), 7260-80, 5140(i), 6020/1)
    • new phones have been added: Nokia 5140i and Nokia 8800
    • includes BETA version of Organizer (Read only)
    • new tab "Communication" has been added into the Settings, you can set communication timeout, logging and size of the log
    • port Type and port Number information has been added into the Ports tab in Settings
    • generic detection of LG phones has been fixed (should resolve 0x00002FAC error)
    • major problems with SMS on Motorola phones has been fixed, the rest remain under investigation
    • log file will contain new information such as Start/End logging time, OS version and program version
    • file system bugs have been fixed on Siemens phones
    • file write bug fixed on Samsung SGH-D500
    • other minor fixes

    Version 1.98

    19 Aug 2005

    • new phones have been added: Sony Ericsson W800i; Motorola V186
    • SMS plugin contains a powerful Auto-response feature and can also automatically move incoming messages to the Archive (Enterprise version only). This allows using MOBILedit! for many new purposes such as a voting server, etc.
    • MMS picture edit available in PhotoEditor
    • SMS export to formats MED, XLS (Excel) and XML has been added
    • MMS export to formats MED and XML has been added
    • MMS export to XLS format including pictures has been added
    • SMS plugin now fully supports long SMS messages, so you can read a split message at once
    • exported .med files can be imported as an offline device if no device is available
    • source device name will be shown for SMS messages in the Archive
    • phonebook export to XLS format has been added
    • fixed error on Samsung during Phonebook reading: "The data area passed to a system call is too small (0000007A)"
    • fixed error on Motorola during SMS reading: "Filename is too long (0000006F)"
    • other minor fixes


    21 Jul 2005

    • New phones have been added: Sony Ericsson K750i, D750i, T290i; Samsung SGH-X640; Nokia 3120, 6101
    • Write access directly to the Program Files folder is not needed, the Data Files folder can be moved to another location
    • Print to file function has been added
    • Improved handling of Motorola phonebook and its cooperation with MS Outlook & MS Outlook Express
    • Full name will now be set when copying to Outlook
    • Sorting by time has been fixed in File System
    • Activation can be done by an activation file
    • Columns are automatically resized after pasting data into phonebook
    • Long messages are not divided during sending
    • Other minor bug fixes

    Version 1.97

    15 Jun 2005

    • beta version of MMS plugin has been included (works with Nokia 6230, 3200, 6610i only)
    • MOBILedit! remembers sound scheme settings
    • other minor bug fixes
    • 2 new sound schemes has been created by our professional composer, you will find them in download section or you can go there directly by clicking here


    3 Jun 2005

    • new phones have been added: Samsung SGH-D500(E), SGH-E300; LG C3320; Philips 650, 755; SonyEricsson K300i, K600i
    • sound scheme change function added into program Settings
    • sounds for incoming call and item delete added
    • wizard is now only adding newly connected phones - old settings will not be deleted
    • print function repaired - Phonebook items without name are printed

    Version 1.96

    19 Apr 2005

    • added new phones Nokia 6230i, 6020 and Samsung SGH-E330
    • added print function into Photo MOBILeditor
    • MS Outlook is now working faster when reading more than 200 contacts
    • functionality added for Reply and Forward of messages stored in Archive
    • fixed copying into Excel
    • data files have been moved into Data Files subfolder and divided into separate file for each data source
    • added new function minimize to tray
    • added button Remove in License manager - will remove activation key from system registry
    • added Timeout setting into program Settings
    • minor bug fixes

    Version 1.95

    21 Feb 2005

    • integrated service providing access to IMEI database to register and check for stolen phones
    • copying of contacts between mobile phone and MS Outlook/Outlook Express fixed
    • updates of the Lite version available during a 7 days´ period after installation only
    • better handling of data files avoiding their corruption
    • option "Do not store offline data sources" deletes whole content of the Offline folder during a startup of MOBILedit!
    • minor bug fixes

    Version 1.94

    4 Jan 2005

    • added new phones Philips 535 and Philips Fisio 822
    • improved handling of unsupported phones
    • fixed File system handling and Bluetooth connection of Motorola phones
    • fixed Bluetooth connection of Nokia phones (especially N6230)
    • better handling of data files avoiding their corruption

    Version 1.93

    16 Dec 2004

    • added new phones Motorola A835, V505 and Samsung SGH-E600, SGH-P400
    • improved handling of unsupported phones
    • better handling for number of copied items during clipboard operations
    • more comprehensive check of phone number validity before SMS is sent
    • backup stores more information about the original phone
    • MS Outlook Express add-on became part of installation (no need to download an additional file)
    • more robust recognition of Motorola phones


    2 Dec 2004

    • new supported phones Motorola E398, E550, V3, Samsung SGH-E715 and SGH-E800
    • resource and memory usage optimizations
    • Fit To View and Copy to clipboard added, more functions available through toolbars in Photo MOBILeditor
    • better support of SMS messages on Samsung phones
    • minor improvements and bug fixes


    16 Nov 2004

    • This breakthrough version features seamless web to phone content integration with build-in WEB browser. You can download interesting content directly into your phone; this is patented COMPELSON technology.
    • Two partner websites are cooperating right now, other will be added. If you run interested website, contact us.
    • full version of Photo Editor included with functions as crop, rotation, picture improvements and fun filters. The editor has a new name: Photo MOBILeditor ;-)
    • improved support of  new Siemens phones

    Version 1.91

    12 Nov 2004

    • improved detection of USB cables
    • 5 new phones supported: Nokia 3220, 5140, 6810, Motorola V80, Siemens CXT65
    • improved Photo Editor - new toolbars, features such as contrast, dithering
      • photos auto-fit - resizing to the size of your phone display
      • you can invoke Photo Editor from the MOBILedit! file system using double-click on an item
      • buttons handling Close/Save/Save As added to folder including editable photos
    • file system improvements - few minor fixes, delete function assigned to Del key, Rename assigned to F2 key

    Version 1.90

    6 Nov 2004

    • new dynamic welcome page with useful information, you can have always new information on MOBILedit!
    • included cool Photo Editor plugin optimized for photos taken by mobile phone (BETA version)
    • Backup/Restore content selection
    • Export/Import of contacts improved - new native format for multi-item contacts included; import of DIA file is more robust and restores multi-item contacts;
    • new supported phones: Motorola V180, V220, V500, V600, V620, V635, Nokia 6170, 7260, 7270, 7280, Siemens CX70, SK65, SL65, Sony Ericsson K500, S700
    • new file system handling system, MOBILedit! now enables to handle phones in the same way as remote computers
    • implemented License Manager - allows issuing licenses for specific phones
    • improved communication with Nokia mobile phones via Bluetooth
    • optimized downloading of language packs
    • export of SMS messages into TXT file includes date and contact name information
    • Backup/Restore added into main toolbar
    • improved activation process to be more user friendly to our customers
    • connection status shown in the status bar
    • Check for Languages shows total size of downloaded files
    • opening of pictures with drag&drop on Photo Editor
    • minor bug fixes reported by our users

    Version 1.75

    24 Sep 2004

    • improved handling of Sony Ericsson K700i, Nokia 8810 and Nokia 8850
    • displaying time of sent SMS's on Nokia phones
    • new supported phones: Samsung SGH-D410, SGH-X450, Siemens A65
    • copy and paste phone files through clipboard
    • copy files between phone and PC by toolbar buttons
    • optimizations and improvements of the file system mobile application
    • new animation while files are being copied

    Version 1.74

    3 Sep 2004

    • this version brings optimizations and bug fixes

    Version 1.73

    31 Aug 2004

    • file system support for Motorola
    • support for Nokia DKU-2 data cable
    • new supported phones: LG C1200, Motorola C650, Nokia 7200, 8250, 8810, 8850, 8910, 8910i, Philips 530, 630, Fisio 620, Fisio 625, Fisio 820, Fisio 825, Siemens C60, CX65, Sony Ericsson Z1010
    • added link into menu Help leading to Feedback Form
    • delete user files option added to uninstaller
    • connection type and other information shown in status bar
    • time of calls copied into clipboard
    • improved handling of phone in case of insufficient memory of the phone

    Version 1.71

    18 Aug 2004

    • complete file system support!
      You can copy multi-media files like photos, music, java applications stored in phones. Supported are Sony Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens.
    • Outlook Express fully supported including read and write (separate download)
    • improved drag&drop function in folder tree
    • added Nokia 7600

    Version 1.68

    31 Jul 2004

    • improved MOBILedit! architecture with external data sources
    • added Siemens C65, M65 and S65
    • fixed SMS reading on new Nokia phones
    • fixed time conversion
    • fixed phone timer
    • fixed printing of contacts of some mobile phones
    • fixed empty phonebooks handling

    Version 1.67

    15 Jul 2004

    • adding of language packs has been optimized
    • full information about downloaded files is available during the download
    • improved keyboard control using the Tab and Shift+Tab key
    • added skins to all error messages and questions
    • fixed phone number synchronization with MS Outlook
    • extended set time function
    • MOBILedit! look&feel was set as the default
    • extended and corrected pop-up menu in the phonebook

    Version 1.65

    7 Jul 2004

    • ultimate multilanguage support through installable language packages
    • drag&drop of items between folders in MOBILedit!
    • drag&drop to external programs (Word, Excel, Notepad etc.)
    • added Siemens CF62
    • fixed logging of ports communication during Wizard phone detection
    • new default skin

    Version 1.64

    23 Jun 2004

    • package with Czech language (downloadable separately)
    • package with Hungarian language (downloadable separately)
    • Check for updates will also show you a list what is new in the update
    • added Nokia 6610i
    • added driver for LG phones supporting many models
    • added Samsung SGH-E710
    • corrected handling of Siemens S45i address book
    • repaired handling of first (home) number in Siemens x55 address book
    • repaired setting of time and reading of call records on some Samsung phones (S100, V200, E710, ...)
    • repaired sending of SMS from new Nokia phones
    • repaired phonebook support for Motorola phones, added Motorola C550, C450, C250

    Version 1.61

    18 May 2004

    • new phone supported: Nokia 2100
    • Nokia phones - improved handling of groups, pictures and voice attached to phonebook contacts
    • corrected some guard-times in handling address book of Siemens phones
    • corrected handling of Samsung SGH-C100 phone
    • minor correction in detecting of Bluetooth ports (now modems are also taken in mind)
    • important corrections in sending of SMS from new Nokia phones
    • corrected Swap functionality in Phonebook

    Version 1.58

    5 May 2004

    • optional logging of ports communication for better feedback

    Version 1.57

    14 Apr 2004

    • new phones supported: Nokia 3100, 6100, 6220, 6230, 6250, 6820
    • fixed phone detection of the Siemens C45 and Samsung
    • improved writing into phonebook for new Samsung phones (like E700 etc.)
    • improved reading of SMS in Nokia phones
    • new models of Nokia phones: support for URL entry in phonebook

    Version 1.56

    12 Mar 2004

    • intelligent phonebook synchronization for Sony Ericsson phones (if you change the content in the phone, just the differences are read into the phone instead of the whole phonebook, it is much much faster)
    • improvements in general OBEX component currently used for Sony-Ericsson and Siemens phones
    • improved address book support for Siemens x45 phones
    • address book support for Siemens x55 phones including intelligent (incremental) synchronization
    • general improvements in IrDA support; totally redesigned part for IrCOMM in Windows 98/ME
    • improved discovery of known phones via IrDA IAS in Windows 98/ME
    • corrections in alphabet handling of the internal phonebook in new generation Samsung phones (like E700 etc.)
    • corrected sorting of messages in COMPELSON Archive
    • some minor fixes (memory leaks etc.)